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Black Candles (1982)

AKA Los ritos sexuales del Diablo [loosely translated: Sexual Rituals of the Devil] Black Candles is a strange satansploitation film from director José Ramón Larraz (Vampyres, La visita del vicio) apparently made to cash in on The Exorcist. Alas I'm not really sure what to make of this- this crazed piece of euro trash that plays like a sanitized porno. . .


With occult ceremonies that will sting your eyes. .


Mind numbingly absurd dream sequence interludes. .


Framed as an meditation on the sexual power politics of a strange family. .

Cottony Soft!

Living in it's own surreal dingy ivory tower world of perversity. .


Including Voyeurism. .


Lesbianism. .


Ludicrously staged taboo sex rituals. .


And just plain dirty ugly S-E-X. .


About the only thing missing is coherence. Black Candles is classic Italian strangeness at it's bargain basement worst, or best, depending on your point of view. Recommended for the morbidly curious who must see every faux satanic sickie. If this describes you stop reading and head over to Amazon to buy Black Candles now!

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