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We all react to media scares in different ways. Some listened to the media coverage about swine flu and decided to give up pork products while others saw this as a great excuse for a BBQ.  It is time to wash our hands of this "swine flu" menance, Movie Roundtable style, by reviewing films with a contagion, plague, or killer virus theme. To this end Cosmic Cinema in conjunction with Mise-en-scene Crypt will be posting a new review of contagion themed movies each week, and we hope to have some friends joining in the fun. To keep up with the updates, please bookmark this page.  To use the banners just right click on the image and copy-and-pate the URL into your review's HTML file.  And remember: Keep washing your hands!

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Cosmic Cinema Covert One: The Hades Factor

Mira Sorvino plays a covert agent double crossed in Berlin while attempting to recover a vial of deadly biotoxin. Thus uncertain of who to trust she goes to ground leaving the government reeling in confusion as civilian and military agencies rush to find her and recover the deadly bio-weapon before it can be unleashed against an unsuspecting populace.

Cosmic Cinema Agent Red

When Russian terrorists seize an American submarine transporting a top secret bioengineered super strain virus and kill every crewman aboard except for Dolph Lundgren and his angry girlfriend scientist you know you're in for either a really good or really bad b-movie. But can the couple rise above their romantic bickering before the terrorists use the deadly toxin?

Information Geek's Reviews The Andromeda Strain

Danger befalls the little town of Piedmont when an unknown space virus arrives. It instantly wipes out the little town and now a group of scientists must find a way to stop it. This will not be an easy task, however, as the virus slowly begins to mutate.

Wtf-Film Virus (1980)

After the unwitting release of the top secret US bio-weapon MM-88, a genetically engineered monster that destroys the immune system of its victims and causes them to succumb to every disease imaginable, fewer than a thousand people are left alive.

Bad Movies Teenage Caveman

The battle between mutant David and mutant Neil looks more like a boxing match between acromegalic geriatrics whose combination of Tourette's and Alzheimer's makes them yell, "F**k!" each time they are hit or throw a punch (I shudder that I might have just given some rogue designer an idea for a Wii game). I suffered through the whole bout with a smile on my face. One of them had to win, and when they did, the movie was finally going to end.

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