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What is the purpose of Mise-en-scene Crypt?

Movies.  Whether they are good, bad, or downright terrible if you like genre movies Mise-en-scene Crypt is a place to read reviews and critiques of them.  Everything is covered from obscure cult, horror, and campy B-movies.  The impact of a movie is judged not just on the quality of it's actors or budget but that je ne sais quoi of mise-en-scene.  Mise-en-scène refers to what is "put into a scene", it is thus as much about visual composition as it is about the performance. What makes for a good scene? What makes for a bad scene?
What appeals to one person may not appeal to another.  Thus I can only offer my own opinion.  Sometimes it may reflect how others feel but, as is more often the case, it may not.  Just as every director has their own unique approach to filmmaking so it is that my viewing experience, and preferences, will affect my reviews.  I am fond of science fiction, fantasy, and to a lesser extent horror.  However I do not particularly care for gore for the sake of gore and have my own ideas about what makes movies fit into the various genres.  I may be kind to a movie because of it's low budget or rip into it unmercifully, depending upon my mood.  What I wont do, and what you wont find here, are indepth point by point break downs of the plot.
I beleive a good review should whet the appetite, meaning give you, the reader, just enough information to decide whether or not a movie is worth your time.  But it doesn't matter if you're a fan of horror or science fiction, noir or Eurosleaze, movies from the mainstream or the pyschotronic fringes Mise-en-scene Crypt will endeavor to present reviews from all genres of cinema.
Have fun!