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Rating System


Mise-en-scene Crypt uses a informal score card system to rate movies. The scale is the standard 1 to 5 "stars" though half points may also be awarded where warranted. The score card ratings measure content. Each scorecard has three categories graded specific to the genre of the movie being reviewed. Each genre has it's own score card however the score card most often used is the generic genre score card that grades for: SHOCK, BLOOD, and SKIN as follows:

SHOCK - This grades a movie based on how scary it was, the level of frights, and how realistic the sense of terror and atmosphere of horror of a movie seems.

BLOOD - This measures the amount of the red stuff a movie used. However violence and gore, regardless of color, may also factor into this rating.

SKIN - The level and amount of nudity present in a feature. Nudity is often a subjective but the grade follows the following parameters: Half a point for non-explicit nudity, meaning no genitalia or (female) nipples depicted; a FULL point for every instance of explicit nudity; a woman appearing topless in a scene, full or partial frontal exposure, &tc.  Brevity or length of a scene may be taken into account and the rating adjusted accordingly.  The higher the rating the more gratuitous the content.

There is also a optional category that often replaces SHOCK called CONFUSED SPOCKS:

CONFUSED SPOCKS - Most movies are fundamentally sane and cogent. However, for those rare movies that just defy all sense of logic and proportion, this rating is used. The more Confused Spocks on a score card the more incoherent, confused, absurd, or just plain ridiculously incomprehensible a movie is.

Other categories that appear on the score cards may include:

ACTION - This replaces BLOOD for non-horror movies and measures frenetic pacing of a movie, chase scenes, combat, how many fight scenes it may have, &tc.

BLASPHEMY - This measures sacrilege, profanation, and religious irreverence.  It is typically reserved for movies with a religious theme or which exploit religious subject matter, such as Nunsploitation &tc.

CAMP - This grades a movie based on it's camp value. This rating is typically applied to comedies and/or non-horror movies.

MUTANTS - This grades a movie based on the number of non-human creatures appearing in a movie. The more prosthetics and make-up effects used the higher the score.  This is usually used for cinematic endeavors that fall within the genres of post-apocalypse and/or comic book fantasy.

ROBOTS - This grades a movie based on the number of non-organic creatures appearing in a movie. The more prosthetics and make-up effects used the higher the score.  Usually used for science-fiction movies.

SAPPHISM - This measures gratuitous lesbian content. Typically applied to WIP movies.

Sometimes replacing the score card will be the. .

SARAH PALIN - When a movie is so strange, so surreal, so beyond the norm of the mainstream aestehetic that it rates a least 5 Confused Spocks we have ventured into Sarah Palin country.  For a movie to get a Sarah Palin it has to be fun, entertaining, and while nudity is optional the action and eroticism should be uninhibited.  The Sarah Palin rating is reserved for those rarefied movies that, despite being panned by most critics, have a innate charm and unique personality that elevates them to true art.  These movies can not be explained they have to be experienced.

Future reviews may have a integrated score card system that uses all of the above.  But regardless of which type of score card is used they will all utilize at least three of the above categories.