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Final Project Specifications

Final Version Specifications

I.               Interface/Hub

a.     TinyWebDB for Text Message Label

 i.     As of now when we test the app the phone numbers save persistently, but the text messages do not save persistently in our Label4.

                       1.     Value: messageText - Add another TinyWebDB valueTostore. We need the message(s) to be stored in the Text message labels.

       i.     Value name(?): BroadcastTexts (create a variable per screen ex: the BroadcastODCtexts-make a list textvaluefromFB-text). Store the values under LogLabel.Text.

II.             Multiple Group users

a.     Broadcast Notifications:

               i.     As of now the broadcast broadcasts all the messages sent to the broadcast hub automatically. If a user is part of two groups how will the hub distinguish which group to broadcast the text message to?

1.     When Texting1.MessageRecieved

i.     If: conditional statement: if message contains / = BroadcastODC (or BroadcastOC) then: call Broadcastmessage