Mischa Shankerman's Bio

Welcome to my CS 107 website. I'm pursuing a BA in Communication Studies at the University of San Francisco and chose to take CS 107 to achieve basic level knowledge on app making and web programming. If you'd like to get in touch with me my e-mail is mischashankerman@gmail.com. 
The CS 107 course has taught me basic level computer logic. We have learned a variety of skills to make mobile android apps (API, TinyWebDB, Google Chart, GPS location, Augmented Reality, etc.) To see all the different apps I created for the course take a look at the "Applications" section. Cheers and enjoy!

Mischa's Favorite Apps

 Intergalactic Spaceship Invaders App 
 Pablo Picasso App 
 Paint Unicorns App 
San Francisco Tour App
 Where Y@ App 
 USF Broadcast List 

To visit various elements of app making:
Check out our CS 107 Course Site
What students in my class are doing, at their Portfolio Pages
Or make some awesome apps yourself on AppInventor