Disclaimer:  Projects provided here is my own personal effort to try to explore some new areas and to demonstrate certain product features. It neither reflects the technology direction of my company nor be used as an evidence of support for any technological solution.

The site is to openly distribute and share weekend projects I drag myself into. Please make sure to distribute it if downloaded and liked, and share your modifications. The codes are shared under a GPL license agreement. A good amount of effort has been spent to make APIs simple to use and easier to understand and typically does not contain any complex features. Please do comment and share any suggested modifications.

Let me know if you are using it. Send me an email at ashish7s@yahoo.com

About me:
Author: Ashish Srivastava
Job: Professionally - I work for Oracle Corporation; Personally - Mostly confused
Project Motto: If it is not easy it is useless.
Blog: http://ezsaid.blogspot.com
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