"What People are Saying About the Film"

The following is a sampling of comments we have received through articles and personal emails from people who have seen Misa's Fugue. 

"You’ll find it on a par with every Holocaust classic from Night to Schindler’s List.  It’s the most unified, curriculum-comprehensive, poignant journalism project (not to mention the biggest, having taken two years to prepare) I’ve ever encountered." - Robert Hankes, President of the Pennsylvania School Press Association (PSPA)

"I don't understand how FAHS did it...Wiesel's story is not nearly as complete and artistically satisfying as this fugue...Even Schindler's List is not as "of a piece" as this film...I've read a lot of books on the subject and have seen many films.  I've never seen anything like this.  It enriches the discipline and causes the viewer to re-view all that he or she has seen before.  Saying the film is a miracle would be too cliche to be accurate.  Let's say it's one of the most horribly beautiful prayers ever uttered - certainly ever heard in the halls of a public high school."  - Robert Hankes, President of the Pennsylvania School Press Association (PSPA)

"The movie,  while I heard a lot about it, is so much more than you hear.  Extremely moving, haunting, words aren't enough...Everybody should see this film, it is beyond confounding how a man could lead a nation to commit such massive atrocities against fellow human beings, neighbors, children ....I still cannot figure out how the sickness of one man infiltrated the psyche of a country."  ~ Jo Painter, WEEU Radio

"Unbelievable job! You should be very proud of your accomplishment and all that were involved with Misa's Fugue. My vote for an Academy Award."
"It was a triumph! Congratulations! It is my pleasure to be any part of this moving tribute in the small way that I am. I will be telling everyone they MUST see this film."

"OUTSTANDING I think it is one of the BEST DOCUMENTARIES I Have ever seen."

"You all should be very proud of this wonderful piece of history. I've been thinking about it ever since and would see it again. What an honor for you and all involved to have met and documented this most amazing story. My congratulations to you for such a success!"
"I've seen countless Holocaust movies, plays and documentaries but none have I found as exceptional as yours. Kudos to all who were involved, you should be extremely proud of your work. It is very hard to impress my wife, but she wants you to get an "Oscar" for best documentary. Again congratulations, I am telling everyone to go see it."
"What an incredible job. Your hard work and effort was evident. One thing that I've learned from my many years in education is that those teachers who have passion can ignite passion in their students. You did that. Congratulations."
"Congratulations on your amazing film!!! It was as artistically well done as it was intensely moving and informative. What a fantastic job you, your colleague and all your students did in the creation of this. And what a story Frank has to tell. He's such a living example of how the power of art and positive thought can heal and transform in the midst of such tragedy."

"It was TREMENDOUS......left me feeling numb, emotional overload and speechless! I can't imagine that production being done in a HS setting.....and everyone involved can feel so good about spreading the truth about the Holocaust .....we must never let that happen again to any peoples."

"I just wanted to tell you what an amazing job you did on the film. It was so professional and I really think it should be nominated for some awards! The students and teachers are so talented and you should feel so proud of all your hard work."

"I have never been more proud of a group of teachers, students, staff and their family members as I was last night. This is an unbelievable accomplishment and is the PERFECT example of why public schools work in spite of what we are told by others.  I sense that this is a life-changing event for many people, especially our students. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance, commitment, and belief in each other to get this project done."

"WOW, what an experience. What an elegant piece of work!"

"I just wanted to let you know just how remarkable I thought the film was last night. You both did such an amazing job portraying the depth and emotion of Frank's story. I feel so blessed to have been a part of that. You should be extremely proud of what was shown last night - such an amazing film."

"Congratulations on a truly outstanding achievement. The documentary communicated Frank Grunwald's story and the human tragedy with sensitivity and power. I do not believe anyone could have left the theater last night without being touched. I woke up this morning thinking about Frank's life struggles.  You clearly demonstrated the value of the fine arts in public schools.  You made me very proud of each of you, of Fleetwood, and of public education."

"Just had to let you know what an amazing job you and your associates and students did with this project!  You should be incredibly proud! What an accomplishment! We only hope that this film gets distributed far and wide and that it receives the acclaim that it deserves."

"Congratulations on the powerful, professional documentary, Misa's Fugue.  The project truly showcased the talents of the students led my their gifted teachers - you! Frank must be so proud of the extraordinary effort."

"WONDERFUL!!! amazing, stupendous, fantastic, on and on; unreal whatan achievement; ENJOY THE LIMELIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CONGRATULATIONS on this stunning achievement."

"I cannot offer sufficient kudos.......the film is outstanding........the seamless interweaving of student artwork and the artwork itself, as well as Frank's sculpture, is stunning......i'm not certain what i expected, given that so many were involved and students no less.....but the final product is without question a well-crafted, highly professional rendition that does justice to all of your efforts and to Frank's story....."

"I am still stunned by the power of mr Grünwald's story (so much I did not know!!!) but also the power of that film- it is truly cinema-worthy!"

"I had absolutely no expectations of what Misa's Fugue would be like. It is overwhelmingly superb and over the top. What a deeply layered account. I was afraid to breathe for fear I would miss one word.  All those who had anything to do with the film are heroes.  You have instilled in students and colleagues memories that will last a lifetime -- that they were part of a life-altering experience. With many of the survivors gone, we hope that this documentary will educate future generations. I feel privileged to know you."

"I just wanted to tell you what an amazing job you did on the film. It was so professional and I really think it should be nominated for some awards! The students and teachers are so talented and you should feel so proud of all your hard work. I am sure so many people will see it this week and thank you for including me in the opening night."

"I cannot begin to express my feelings regarding the amazing and moving documentary that was crafted! It was one of the best documentaries on the Holocaust that I have ever seen. The professionalism was incredible, and this film is worthy of many film awards (Sundance, etc). I hope you are able to get the exposure that this wonderful film deserves. We have told everyone that we have come in contact with how wonderful the film was. All of you should be so proud of the gem you have produced. You are both incredible educators. I wish many others would follow your examples. If we had younger children we would seriously consider sending them to the Fleetwood schools. Frank is a remarkable man and we will never forget his story. Bravo and thank you to you and everyone involved in this beautiful project."


"The film was amazing.  Hard to believe it was not done by a major film company.  You should all be proud of what you have done and the lessons it will teach."


"Amazing!  Simply Amazing!"

"Kudos are in order for everyone at Fleetwood Area High School who had any involvement with the birth of the outstanding documentary "Misa's Fugue"...His story is intriguing and almost spellbinding...It is worthy to be shown throughout the nation and world.  Berks Countians should be proud that "Misa's Fugue" drew its first breath here."
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Jennifer Goss,
May 30, 2012, 5:14 AM