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Moped and Motorcycle Dashboards

scooter dashboards scooter dashboards scooter dashboards
See over 100 more scooter dashboards from this collection

Graffiti from all over Taiwan

Taiwan, What's Wrong With You? graffiti at 西門丁 space cadet
More of my graffiti photos: on Zooomr, on Flickr

Cool Guitars shaped like Hello Kitty, rifles, dolphins, angels and demons, etc..

hello kitty guitar angel gun shaped guitar
Click here to see more of these really cool guitars.

Frogs and Toads

frog/ toad frog/ toad second frog 2 frog
Click to see a whole lot more of my frog photographs

Dead Animals (fish, birds, bats, snakes, roadkill, etc.)

dead fish dead bird 1 furry dead bat dead bird
Click to see more dead animal photographs