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1. stikfas guy looking out the windowGoner (my graduation film)

2. roger animator   3.still from my animation

bottom row: Automatic Writing (left), Where's the Gag? (right photo)

Great stuff:

 Goner is in the panorama for  the 2007 ReAnimacja Festival!

 Where's the Gag? is part of 'Int'l Program #4' for the 2007 Melbourne International Animation Festival!

music videos for The Motion Sick

1. giraffe crossing   2. screenshot from Satellite

Pre-Existing Condition (left thumbnail) and Satellite (right thumbnail)


Satellite is part of the selection for "Music Videos and Advertising" in the 2007 Festival Bimini!

Satellite is also part of the panorama (not competition) for the 2007 ReAnimacja Festival!

short stuff

1. firefox flicks ad   2.eye

3. experimental film   4.knife screenshot   5.dead girl

Clockwise from top left: entry to Firefox Flicks, I'm Blind Now, the next two are clips from here, and then my interpretation of a They Might be Giants music video