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Shadow Wolf Mysteries 6: Curse of Wolfhill Game

posted Dec 16, 2015, 9:48 AM by Maks Marks

Save your cousin Neil Miller and his newborn daughter from the druid of Wolfhill in Shadow Wolf Mysteries 6: Curse of Wolfhill PC Game!

When Neil’s daughter was born, druid said she’s cursed and must be given to him for celebration rite. Neil refused to do so and called your father for help. Your papa has taken you away from Wolfhill when you were born, right after your mother’s demise. All your life he was training you to restrain your werewolf curse and now you can use this skill for good! Save your cousin Neil from the druid and explore the Wolfhill. Find out more about your family history, including how your mom had passed away. Walk on the Vilks Avenue, see beauties of Ulv Street and dangers of Hunt Street. Use rare kind of mistletoe to control your werewolf powers such as Werewolf sight and three others – use them to overwhelm the Druid. But can you save Neil’s daughter in time? The rite is going to start at midnight, and it’s pretty late already in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure…

Just released outstanding PC game Shadow Wolf Mysteries 6: Curse of Wolfhill is intended to the whole family, including issue and youth. PC game Shadow Wolf Mysteries 6 is wild Puzzle genre game which will be enjoyed by olive, teenage and of age of all ages!

 Backgrounds of Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of Wolfhill sublevels is no longer painted pictures, but comprises lot of moving elements! Download Shadow Wolf Mysteries 6: Curse game and you will be able to get into the mesmerizing kingdom of precious relaxation!

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