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2017 - 2018 MIRSA State Student Leader 
Congratulations to Lauren James!!!

Lauren is the Graduate Assistant of Facilities and Events at Central Michigan University. Her plan is to re-vamp the Engagement Coordinator position by bringing in more student and professional involvement. 

#1) Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started in Campus Recreation:

I started in campus recreation at the University of Akron. I applied for the position simply to hold a job while being a student. After a year of employment, I found a passion for the industry. The more I became involved and the more I contributed to the University Akron’s Recreation Department, the more I saw a potential in a future career. As I became more invested, I also began to notice my growth as a professional and as a leader among my peers. As I continue my journey in campus recreation at Central Michigan University, I strive to challenge myself and the community around me to encompass leadership, wellbeing and all of the opportunities campus recreation has to offer.

#2) Describe your involvement in MIRSA, NIRSA, and in your institution's Campus Recreation Department:

My involvement in MIRSA, NIRSA and CMUs recreation department continues to grow every semester. I started to become involved in NIRSA a year ago by attending my first Regional Lead On conference at Cleveland State. At this conference, I presented on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and volunteered as a session monitor. Because of this great experience, I knew that I wanted my involvement to grow. Since then, I have become involved in MIRSA and at CMU, URec. I currently hold the Programming & Extramural Special Events student chair position for MIRSA. For this committee, the other members and I have organized monthly Google hangout sessions. I have also attended the 2016 MIRSA conference, which allowed me to connect with other professionals and students within the state. Ways I am involved at CMU, University Recreation is by supervising, mentoring, and empowering students to professionally develop through experiential learning opportunities within University Recreation. By attending MIRSA and NIRSA conferences, I am able to gain information and knowledge to assist our department at CMU while continuing to build relationships with students at CMU and other universities.

#3) In your opinion, what is the importance of Campus Recreation as it relates to student development:

The importance of campus recreation is the ability to provide learning opportunities for students. Things such as; teamwork, risk management, problem solving, communicating with others, customer service, and building relationships with coworkers are all qualities employees are looking for. These skill sets learned can be useful in any industry and career after graduation. I believe that it is my duty along with other professionals in the field to educate students on concepts such as wellbeing, safety, inclusion, diversity, and empowering students to be leaders. Through MIRSA and NIRSA involvement, students are able to gain knowledge on these topics while expanding their learning opportunities and professional network. Providing these opportunities through conferences, committee involvement, meetings, special events, and trainings are key for student and professional development.

#4) What characteristics do you have that make you a strong candidate for the MIRSA State Student Leader position:

I obtain the characteristics that are needed in order to be a strong candidate for the MIRSA State Student Leader position. I have the ability to empower, motivate, and guide others to voice opinions and implement ideas. These characteristics are necessary to grow in our student focused industry. I find that encouraging others to voice their opinion allow for great ideas to be constructed. Motivation is key in order to make ideas and programs become a reality. In addition to my leadership style, I am also a positive and charismatic person who enjoys building relationships, while encouraging others to grow as professionals.

#5) What is one new idea you would like to implement if selected as the new SSL:

A new idea that I would like to implement if selected as the new SSL, is to bring more student involvement within the organization. I would start by revamping the Engagement Coordinator initiative. In addition to the professional engagement coordinator at each university, I would also select Student Engagement Coordinators to represent the students at their university. I would encourage these students to assist their professional engagement coordinator with MIRSA involvement by motivating students to become active members. I would also have the students in these positions contribute to scheduling student focused Google hangouts to chat about best practices within campus recreation and how we can utilize these skills in future careers. If selected as the SSL, I would like to implement and organize additional social activities for students to attend. Such as creating a annul MIRSA student social. I believe that through dedication, planning, and teamwork, all of these ideas will contribute to the MIRSA organization.

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Jan 13, 2015, 3:12 PM