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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regards the charge of $50 per family:

Why do we have this fee of $50 per family towards Sacraments?  

Many people volunteer generously in our parish.   The 3 Sacraments involve around 400 children.  We decided we needed to pay someone to help us coordinate the volunteers of such a large logistic operation.   Those numbers make it too difficult for volunteers alone and the demands on the remaining clergy is beyond them.

So the decision was made to employ someone to help the children and families, and the volunteers around Sacraments.   That wage needs to be funded.    We looked at ways of doing this and decided the $50 per family involved in Sacraments was the fairest option.  The volunteer helpers and myself are committed to giving the children the best experience possible and we cannot do it without this paid position.

Are we the only parish to contribute a fee when making the sacraments? 

All the local parishes have a fee that is paid when families enrol for the Sacraments.   Most Parishes use this to employ a Sacramental Coordinator to help organise the helpers for the sacraments and to support families and children along the Sacramental Journey.

Questions around the School Building Levies

Doesn't school levies or 'Parish Building Levies' pay for these things?

The Parish Building Levy is used for the construction, renovation and maintenance of Primary School buildings only. The last major construction work done on the Primary School was 12 years ago, and this work was done using some cash accumulated from the Levy, and a loan from the Catholic Development Fund.  The Parish Building Levy payments have, since that time, been in part applied to a reduction of the loan for that work.  This loan has 8 years remaining. The remaining funds from the levy are used by Sydney Catholic School (SCS) to fund maintenance around schools.  The recent development of the Handley Field with synthetic grass came from that source.    I assure parents that no part of the Parish Building Levy is used for work on or around the Parish Churches.  

Are we the only parish to have a Sacramental Coordinator?   

I think we are one of the last, if not the last parishes in our deanery to formally take on a Sacramental Coordinator.

Are we the only parish moving Sacraments to the Parish? 

Again we are one of if not the last parishes in our area to move from a School based Sacramental system to a Parish based Sacramental system which is deeply supported by our Catholic Primary School.      
I'd resisted the models offered to me, searching for one that uses the benefits from each, rather than saying we are one or the other.

My hope is that we work together.   Thus I have taken on a vision of us being Family Centred, Parish Based, School and Catechist supported as the children grow with Jesus.   
I have resisted the model that many parishes have adopted - which appears to be totally Parish Based.   I see the great gift of our primary school and would never want to disconnect from that.   The parish has a good working relationship with our Catholic Primary school.  My hope is for us to maintain that excellent working relationship, and continue to support the children from the families in the 6 public schools in our parish avoiding an 'us and them' situation.