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Baptismal Journey

Considering Baptism for Your Child at our Parish?
We are excited to be a support and part of your child's baptismal journey!!
                We hope this section gives you an overview and helps you begin the journey with us. 

                          There are four major stages in any Sacramental Journey:
Reflection: Questions/information around entering the sacrament? What it can mean for your child?

A time to prepare for the Sacramental Celebration.

Liturgical experience of the Sacrament

Living: Applying and unfolding the sacrament in life

Our hope is to encourage you to experience each of these four stages in a way that deepens the richness and gift of Baptism for yourselves and your child. When considering baptism we invite you to some conscious activities that touch each of these four stages.

It is important that you do at least three simple steps before we have the celebration of the baptism in our Parish.   
Step 3 is actually the beginning of the celebration of Baptism.

Step 1.   Goal:  Helping you sense the bigger picture of baptism and reflecting on the possibilities offered by this Parish for your child. 
(Gathering to "Begin the 
Baptismal Journey for this child in our Parish" session)
 This session is held in the Engadine Church  
Register for the journey of Baptism

Step 2.  You have a Preparation session with a couple in their home, to prepare for the baptismal celebration.  
Bring one of the following stories to this session - click to see what is asked of you.

Step 3 PRESENTATION AT A PARISH MASS (click to see what this involves)  A member of the community will be with you to support you in this part.  You will share with the community what you want from the church for your child and the community will share their desire to support you and your child.  The child will be anointed with oil and you will be given a candle and stole for the next part of the ceremony.

We hope that each stage of baptism has many more aspects for you ...
We suggest you do the preparation well before the sacramental celebration - for if you had to miss a planned session because of sickness or such, our hope is to wait until these 3 simple steps have been completed before it would be appropriate to do the final part of the baptism celebration.   

If you wish to have your child baptised in our parish - :   Register for the journey of Baptism.  


We encourage you to reflect on the baptism of your child.  

Why am I considering this sacrament for my child?
How will it help our child?
What commitment does Baptism ask of us as parents?

Step 1. "Begin the Baptismal Journey for this child in our Parish":

This evening is a way to formally begin the journey for your child.  
It invites you to reflect on the gift of your child. (Even if you have had baptisms for other children we encourage you to see this child's journey as special.)  
It invites you to reflect on Baptism and what it could mean for your child, by listening to others.   
It outlines the principles that we have in the parish around baptism.  
It shows you the presentation ritual which would be among your early steps.  (see point 3.)

Some example sharings from parents at this night ... read more
If you are an 'explorer' and looking for more in terms of understanding and the possibilities for your child around baptism then I invite you to listen to the following podcast:  Why Be Baptized in the Catholic Church? Click to listen

Step 2.  Preparation Session
Now that you have attended Night to formally begin the Journey, we offer you one evening to prepare for your child's 2nd part of the Baptismal celebration.  At this stage you will be invited to explore some of the meanings and symbolism of Baptism, discuss the practical aspects of the celebration, and to ask any questions you have.  Preparation sessions are usually held at a Baptismal Team Member's home and last for about an hour.

Step 3.  Presentation Mass
This is the first part of the Sacrament of Baptism.   Your child is presented to the community and given a first anointing, at any weekend parish Mass, (except special occasions like Easter, Parish Sacraments, etc).   

You nominate your preferred Presentation Mass time when you book your baptism date.

The ritual for the presentation - read more

The Baptism
The 1st part happens in the Sunday Parish mass - (see above).   The anointing and the presentation of the candle and stole is part of the baptism ritual.
The 2nd part of the Baptism celebration usually takes place on Sunday at 11.15am at the Engadine Church.  

The celebration and the different roles.   Click to read 

(You can have a general idea of availability of dates by clicking the following link.)

Checklist to be ready for the Baptismal Celebration

To book your Baptism please contact: 
(Parish Secretary) 9520 8277, 
Tuesday to Friday, 9.30am - 4.30pm, or email;

This will unfold for the rest of the child's life. 
Please join us at any weekend Mass, although the 9.30am Mass has a special focus for young families with a Children's Liturgy during school terms and a Kiddies Corner for the little ones when they get restless.

We also run a monthly Family Mass, a Family Group aimed at young families and two Playgroups (Monday and Thursday).  For more information about these see the 'Where to From Here' document below in the attachments or contact Robyn at the parish office.

We pray with you for your child.

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