The diagram on the right puts in a picture our vision of Sacraments -  journeying and sharing in the life of God and the life of the Christian community.

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General introduction to Sacraments:
Sacraments are special ways in which we share in the life and love of God.   They are encounters with God - and as such are never just one off events but rather ongoing ways to help us grow with God and into God's life.

In our catholic tradition we talk about the seven sacraments - but I believe it is helpful to situate these 7 sacraments within a larger framework.   What is the primary sacrament?  Or better yet - who is the primary sacrament?  The answer is Jesus - Jesus is the primary sacrament of God.  Jesus is the special way God has chosen to share Him/Herself with us!     Then the Church is the Sacrament of Jesus for the World.   The Church is the living body of Christ today - The Church reveals Jesus to the world - and Jesus reveals God to us.
The seven sacraments of the church are ways of calling us to be, and to encounter our God in Jesus.
Baptism initiates us into the life of Jesus and his pattern of living/dying/rising!   It initiates us into the living body of Christ - the church.
Reconciliation celebrates the forgiveness of God and calls us to be that forgiveness with each other and for the world.
Eucharist is the regular feeding of our spiritual lives with Jesus and calling us to his pattern of living - expressed as living/dying/rising and also take, bless, break and share.
Confirmation is the completion of our initiation and the celebration of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that we are called to keep growing into and living.
Marriage and Priesthood are the sacraments of vocation.
Anionting of the sick is the call to embrace each stage of life - with Jesus - embrace the dying and then the new resurrections from that.  It is not just a physical dying - but the many spiritual dyings that are part of our life journeys.

Overview of Sacraments at St John Bosco 

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The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults meets regularly under the direction of the Couplands.  The RCIA is a process of conversion and growth into a community via the Sacraments of Baptism/Profession of Faith, Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist at the Easter Vigil.  (more ..)


Baptisms are held most Sundays at 11 am, or within other appropirate settings or times.  Contact the parish secretary on 9520 8277 or for more info or go to the following link - Baptism info


Children prepare for First Holy Communion in Y3.  Part of the preparation support to the parents are classes offered within the St John Bosco Primary School and also classes by parishioners before family masses and prepartion classes for parents and children within Public Schools.   


Children prepare for First Reconciliation during Y2 at Saint John Bosco's in their regular Religious Education classes.  Y3 students at the public schools are invited to a preparation program culminating in the celebration of the sacrament.


Confirmation will be offered to people who are Y6 or older. 

Preparation support will include:  Classes for Public School canditates are during school term on Sunday evenings.   An enquiry night for all children and Candidates to help them begin the discernment process is held in March. 

Confirmation is a Sacrament of Commitment, saying yes to our Baptism, our Church, and all God might want us to be.  This call and response cannot be accepted by anyone except the candidate.  We respect this decision. 

An adult member of the parish seeking Confirmation is to contact the Parish Priest or the RCIA co-ordinators for more information.


Contact the parish office or one of the priests.  9520 8277


Contact the parish office or one of the priests.  9520 8277