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SENT team

SENT is an exciting thing happening in our Parish for Senior Youth ... 

SENT 2017 has 5 committed Youth involved
Sara Bryant with her prayer partner  
Keisha De'Silva with her prayer partner 
Megan Lobo with her prayer partner 
Elston with his prayer partner       
Annalise Lisboa  with her prayer partner more

SENT 2016 has 7 committed Youth involved
Amelia Court with her prayer partner Sarah D.
Sara Bryant with her prayer partner  Ana Maria B.   
Bianca Tellis with her prayer partner Janis L.
Megan Lobo with her prayer partner Collette L.  
Jackson Taylor with his prayer partner Matt Mc.      
Ed Noack  with his prayer partner Patrick S.
Ben Waters with his prayer partner Mark P more

SENT 2015 was a dynamic group and it was full of blessings.
Laura Bentley
James McMahon
Paulo Devries
Lizzy Moncrief
Renee Kennedy
Melissa Lobo
Raquel Lisboa
Bec Koss

SENT 2016

What is SENT Ministry all about? Produced in 2014

In 2014, The SENT mission project began with 9 parish youth (post high school) committing to the exciting journey!!   They were blessed and commissioned on March 16 2014, with most of their Prayer Partners standing with them.The focus was on "presence" - rather than creating more ministries.

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