Mobile porting of Irrlicht 3D graphics engine

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The Symbian porting is developed with nokia's S60 3rd Edition FP1 SDK, OpenGL ES 1.1 plug in, Visual Studio .Net 2003, and carbide.vs addin.

Latest source code can be downloaded from the googlecode's subversion depot with a subversion client tool. The trunk contains the ported code and synced with the sourceforge svn depot of irrlicht frenquently. A sync branch under "branches" serves as a bridge for merging with the irrlicht depot. A WinCE branch is also created for porting to the WinCE platform later.

Build Solutions 

Currently, there are two solution files created under the directory "source/irrlicht/Symbian" and "source/irrlicht/SymbIrrlicht", respectively. The former one is split into dll/exe. The Irrlicht source code is built as a DLL and used in a sample application mHelloWorld. The latter one is a monolithic exe, which consists of both the irrlicht code and the sample application code. The reason to have two solution files is that the sample application using the dll doesn't work unless you apply a fix for carbide.vs.

In the visual studio project settings, absolute paths are used for additional include paths, output files, additional library paths because relative paths are not well supported by carbide.vs. Therefore, after downloading the source from the subversion depot. you need to adapt them to your local developing environment.

Run the sample application

Currently the sample application has only been tested on the emulator included in the S60 SDK. In order to run the application, you need to create the following dirs



in %SDK_ROOT%\epoc32\winscw\c\. Then copy the files under the "media" in the source code tree to "%SDK_ROOT%\epoc32\winscw\c\irrlicht\media".