miRNA target prediction software

  • PITA: located at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, this application can be run as a standalone version or as a webserver. It is one of the first applications to take into account the secondary structure of the miRNA-target hybrid
  • Diana Micro-T: excellent server for miRNA target prediction in silico, with a friendly user interface. The user can predict targets using miRNAs or putative target gene sequences as input.
  • MirPath: data mining server for the analysis of pathways controlled by a subset of miRNAs. It is the first server to combine biochemical data with miRNA regulation and the analysis of both factors together constitutes a huge source of information about the implication of miRNAs in biological processes. Very nice interface and easy to interact with.
  • Microinspector: server for the analysis of potential target sites for miRNAs. The user can input the sequence of the 3'-UTR of the gene of interest, and the server will show the potential miRNA binding sites using the most recent MiRbase version. Several parameters for the target binding can be customized by the user.
  • MaMi: classical server for the analysis of hybridization energies and structures between miRNAs and target sequences. Chemical parameters can be modified by the user.
  • miRecords: integrative resource for the target analysis in silico. It combines results from other applications and servers together with bibliographical information about target prediction and validation.
  • mirDIP: integrates twelve microRNA prediction datasets from six microRNA prediction databases, allowing users to customize their microRNA target searches. Combining microRNA predictions allows users to obtain more robust target predictions, giving you more confidence in your microRNA targets.
  • miRGator: is a web tool for functional interpretation of miRNAs, integrating functional analysis, expression profile and target prediction to infer physiological roles of miRNAs.
  • Magia: integrated gene analysis tool for the cross-determinations of miRNA, targets and gene expression. The server allows the analysis of miRNA and genes expression profiles by adopting different statistical measures of profiles relatedness and algorithms for expression profiles combination.
  • Targetscan: classical software for miRNA target prediction. The server allow to perform searches by miRNA or target gene.
  • miRTar: MicroRNA Target prediction (miRTar) is a tool that enables biologists easily to identify the biological functionsregulatory relationships between a group of known/putative miRNAs and protein coding genes. It also provides perspective of information on the miRNA targets on alternatively spliced transcripts.
  • miRTrail: allows you to easily analyse for potential relationships between a set of miRNAs and a set of mRNAs. This enables you to assess possible important implications of the miRNAs on the given disease.

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