Mediator, Atttorney, Peacemaker

My goal as a mediator is to help you solve your own problems efficiently.

 I primarily do child custody and divorce mediations, although I'm willing to work with neighbors and families as well. 
I have worked as a lawyer in the past but am currently not practicing law as it has high up-front costs even part-time.
I prefer mediation as it is more efficient for the parties and more likely to improve a relationship. 
Ideally a divorcing couple should meet with a mediator early in the process and create their own separation agreement, 
which then a lawyer or lawyers can review. 

If two people are having trouble communicating, putting two lawyers in the middle is not necessarily going to help.  
Of course there are abusive partners - way too many abusive men in particular-  and lawyers and mediators both 
should screen for partners that are afraid or have a controlling partner. The parties should make their own choices 
about modifying mediation to keep everyone safe - bringing support people or talking via phone for example.

Mediation is voluntary and if at any point someone doesn't feel comfortable in mediation please ask to take a break and 
speak to the mediator individually. Mediation is voluntary, but because family cases that mediate have more success and 
take less court time, the 6th Judicial district requires mediation consultation in all divorces and custody cases.  
Please see Mediation details for more information on times available and rates. 

I want to help you learn how to handle your own problems because you know them best. 
I believe everyone, even your ex, can learn to communicate more effectively.  
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