Who I Am

Miriam Newman calling at YDW
Photo by Chris Chin
Miriam Crane Newman, English country dance caller and choreographer

I started calling in 2006 at the Swarthmore College Folkdance Club, taught by Joanna Reiner; after college I moved to New York City and participated in Country Dance*New York's ECD caller's apprenticeship program, from which I graduated in June 2011. I've called for everything from a sixteen-person contra dance on a roof in Brooklyn to some of the most established dances in the United States, and have enjoyed every calling experience I've ever had. I now live, dance, and call primarily in Boston, Massachusetts.

I made my first forays into choreography with one of my Swarthmore classmates in Thirtieth Street Station in Philadelphia while waiting for the train that would take us to an English dance. That dance, based on a dream my friend had, never quite came together. I've had better luck since, including with a dance that was in part choreographed on a subway platform in New York.

You can reach me at miriam [dot] newman [at] gmail [dot] com