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Dear friends and missions partners,

Today we would like to bring you good news from our new homeland Mexico. Two weeks ago our befriended pastor Elisabeth from a remote mountain village came for a visit and we had time to exchange ideas and to talk during dinner.

She is a very committed minister of the Word and has been sent as a missionary through her denomination to the remote mountain region at the border between Sinaloa and Durango.

This region has been terrorized in the past and presently again and again through assaults of rivaling drug gangs and at times nearly inaccessible. These inacceptable conditions leave marks in the lives of people and many times people flee to the towns that apparently seem to be safer. For our brethren it has become very difficult in the last years, not only due to the described conditions, but also because some got the feeling that God had forsaken them.

Pastor Elisabeth from the village in the mountains of the Sierra Madre region commissioned us to thank you all personally from all her heart. By our presence and ministry she sees a clear sign, that God did not leave her and she passes this on to the members of her congregation. For her and the brethren there we are a visible token of the goodness of our LORD, of His provision and His Love!

You should know that she and the brethren in the village thank you personally that you and our partners have sent us here, by supporting us and by means of your donations and prayers a little flock in the woods can see that Jesus Christ is their good Shepherd and has not forgotten them.

Thank you very much from us and the brethren of the mountainous region Sierra Madre!

We and another pastor, who comes every year with his fully loaded pick up with gifts and presents all the way from Texas are the only ministers, who have cared and supported this small local church since many years! We would like to share and pass on this heartfelt thank you to you! Not only we go, you personally accompany us through your giving. We are only the spearhead as another pastor from Mazatlán called us once as missionaries. You dear ones have your share in this project and you are the ones who support, encourage and motivate us.

A big thank you from us and on behalf of the brethren of the mountain region of the Sierra Madre!

... You're back again! December 2017

An excited group of kids yelled when they saw us.

Again and again it´s been a great joy to teach the kids in the village the word of God in a lively manner. Through games and songs, this time they could also win a lot: We were able to donate 40 back to school kits and organize a raffle with 5 new school backpacks. The Lord had blessed us wonderfully: When visiting a conference this summer a guest speaker gave us his whole honorary with the words: „ You need it more urgently than me“ we knew immediately: This is for the kids in the mountains ! When we went shopping in an office market, where we bought a back to school kit for many children, Thomas had the idea to ask for a discount, the manager agreed to give us his personal discount rate, and so we were able to also buy some school backpacks. The buying of school supply for each beginning of the year means a great burden for the families and many times all these items cannot be bought.

The kids were very happy and we enjoyed showing God´s generosity and help to the village kids.

Childrens Sunday class

DONATION CAR You can help us to buy the most needed FORD EXPLORER ministry van, in order to be able to continue ministering the kids and the needy ones. Our present car as of 96 unfortunately is not fit any more for the serpentines in the mountains.

We plan to buy a newer model as of 2008 for approximately $9,000 Dollars resp 8,500 Euros.

We appreciate your help, The LORD bless you!

May 2017: Mission accomplished ! Thanks to all donors and colaborators! Praise the LORD!!!

The new car! Thank you LORD! A Ford Explorer 2010.

Blessing of the car by Pastor Julio on the construction site of his new church building in El Roble.

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