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Miranda Lim - PI

Dr. Lim pursues basic scientific questions that translate to her clinical work as a neurologist and sleep medicine physician. She leads the research team on studying the neurobiology of brain injury and sleep. Dr. Lim enjoys mentoring young scientists and takes her role as a mentor very seriously.

Miranda completed her graduate PhD thesis with Larry Young at Emory University on vasopressin receptors and monogamy in voles. Publications from graduate school resulted in a Nature paper in 2004 and the Donald Lindsley Prize in Behavioral Neuroscience in 2005. She stayed at Emory for a post-doc looking at corticotropin-releasing factor in vole social behavior which resulted in publications in Journal of Comparative Neurology and Hormones & Behavior. During her neurology residency at Washington University in Saint Louis, Miranda worked in the labs of Robert Mach, David Holtzman, and David Brody on sleep, Alzheimer's, and TBI in mouse models, resulting in publications in Neuroreport, Brain Research, Journal of Neurotrauma, and Science. Following a clinical fellowship in Sleep Medicine at University of Pennsylvania in 2011, Miranda did a post-doctoral research fellowship jointly between the laboratories of Allan Pack in the Center for Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology and Akiva Cohen at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, examining mechanisms underlying chronic sleep impairment in mouse models of mild TBI. Her work was recently published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation and Science Translational Medicine.

Beyond the lab and the clinic, Miranda loves spending time with her husband Nick, their toddler and beagle. They look forward to exploring the great Oregon outdoors.