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Welcome to the MiraMoms website!  
We are an expat moms' group in the Miraflores, Barranco, and San Isidro area, that provides resources both online and in-person to members. We offer an English-speaking network for information, resources, and activities for moms with young kids, and we welcome newcomers and long-timers alike. 

We understand that the first few months of settling into a new country, especially with little kids, is hard.  Also, we know that the transition to being a parent can be difficult, and those first few months in either situation can feel isolating. Making friends with other parents who share common experiences and participating in activities can help foster a sense of community and ease the transition.

We know security is important, so this site is only available to members of the MiraMoms Google Group.  Want to join?  Please fill out the form below, and we do require that a current member refers you.
Questions?  Please see our rules and regulations and FAQs or e-mail miramoms@gmail.com. Please note that this e-mail address is monitored weekly, so there may be a delay in our response.
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