Frequently Asked Questions:

Q  When was Pack 1209 founded?
Pack 1209 was founded in 1972 in Mira Mesa, a community of San Diego, California.
Q  What is a Charter Organization?
Civic, faith-based, and educational organizations operate Scouting units to deliver the programs to their youth members, as well as the community at large.
Q  What is the Pack Committee?

The Pack Committee is a group of adult volunteers who plan the Pack program and individual activities as well as managing such things as record keeping, finance, leadership recruitment, and registration. The Pack Committee meets monthly and meetings are open to any interested parent.

Q  How old (or young) can a boy be to join Scouting?

Cub Scouting is for boys in the first through fifth grades, or 7 to 10 years of age.

Q  What is a den?
A den is a group of six to eight boys, within the pack, that meets several times a month between pack meetings. The boys in a den are usually all at the same grade level. The den structure allows boys to build relationships with leaders and other boys. The den provides opportunities for activities that would be difficult with a large group. The den also provides leadership opportunities for the boys.
Dens are organized by rank.  Ranks are organized by grade and age:
Tiger - first grade (or 7 years old)
Wolf - second grade (or 8 years old)
Bear - third grade (or 9 years old)
Webelos I - fourth grade
Webelos II - fifth grade
Q  What is a pack?
The pack is a group made up of several dens. The monthly pack meeting brings together boys from every den, their leaders, and their families, to participate in a large-scale event that serves as a showcase for everything the boys have learned and done in their individual den meetings. The pack meeting gives the boys a larger experience beyond their own den, and helps them to connect their individual activities to the entire Cub Scouting program.
Q  How often do Scouts meet?

Cub Scouts meet in their dens meet twice each month, and a pack meeting is held for all Cub Scouts and their families once a month. Beyond that, it depends on the den and pack: A den may hold a special activity, such as a service project or visit to a local museum, in place of one of the weekly meetings or in addition to the weekly meetings. Likewise, a pack may conduct a special event such as a blue and gold banquet as an additional event, rather than a substitute for its monthly pack meeting.

Q  What supplies and equipment are needed to participate in Scouting?

At minimum, each Scout will need a uniform and a handbook. Additional supplies and equipment may be needed for certain activities such as camping trips or field days. What equipment is needed, as well as whether it will be provided by the unit, will vary. Unit leaders will provide parents with information about any supplies that will be required prior to an event.

Q  What is a Class A, and Class B uniform?
The official dress uniform is commonly referred to as the 'Class A' uniform and the activity uniform as 'Class B'
Class A
The Tiger Cub Class A uniform is the traditional dark blue shirt, orange neckerchief with matching hat and the Tiger Cub Scout belt.
The Wolf Cub Scout Class A uniform for second graders is the traditional dark blue shirt, gold neckerchief, neckerchief slide with Wolf logo, dark blue and gold hat, and blue belt with Wolf belt buckle.

The Bear Cub Scout Class A uniform for third graders is the traditional dark blue shirt, blue neckerchief, neckerchief slide with Bear logo, dark blue and light blue hat, and blue belt with Bear belt buckle.

Webelos I Scouts (fourth graders) Class A uniform is the dark blue shirt with matching hat, belt, and Webelos neckerchief and neckerchief slide.
Webelos II Scouts (fifth graders) Class A uniform is traditionally the khaki shirt with matching hat, belt, and Webelos neckerchief and neckerchief slide.
The Scout should wear his Class A uniform:
- To all Pack 1209 meetings and events (unless otherwise noted)
- To all Den meetings, unless the Den Leader notes otherwise
- Any time the Scout is representing the Cub Scouts.
Class B
Pack t-shirt, scouting related t-shirt, or anything other than the "Class A".
Q  Where can I purchase uniforms and other program materials?

Our uniforms, literature, and other Scouting merchandise is available at our local council, Scout shop, and other licensed distributors.  Visit the Supply Group Web site at www.scoutstuff.org.  

Q  If I don't know much about camping and the outdoors, how could I be a good Scout leader?

Being a good Scout leader requires more than knowing how to camp. However, the Scouting program does provide outdoor training classes for leaders with beginning, intermediate, and advanced outdoor skills.

Q  May family is very busy; how would I have time to be an effective leader?

You will not have to carry the responsibilities alone. Other leaders and parents in your unit will lend a hand by using their skills to teach the youth or assist with special projects, enabling you to be an effective leader and parent.

Q  Is training available?

There are a variety of training opportunities available, specific to the leadership position you hold. For example, as a new den leader, training is available immediately to enable you to run your first meeting successfully. More in-depth training is provided throughout the year, and monthly roundtable meetings enable you and other leaders to share ideas on how to organize fun and exciting activities for youth.

Q  How can I become an adult volunteer?

Express your interest to the pack leaders—the Cubmaster, or members of the pack committee. While there's no guarantee that a specific role or position will be available—and there may be a selection process among several candidates even if the position is currently vacant—there is usually some way in which you can contribute, and we appreciate any offer of help.