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The MHS MUN Club is now in its second year at Miramar High School. Through innovative fundraising, as well as informational programs, the club has begun to make its impact on Miramar High School. Having participated in one MUN competition and emerging with extraordinary results, we at MHS MUN hope to participate in more competitions, as well as donation initiatives through UNICEF and other non-profit organizations.

Club Mission Statement

"In Model UN, students will prepare to seize the world stage. At the most basic level, we engage in discussion of international issues within the classroom; beyond this, we take our skills to competition; and finally, we propose resolutions, answers to the classic question of world peace." - 2010

Here's to having yet another great year at MHS MUN!


Haiti Earthquake Relief Drive:

Thanks to everyone who helped sort and pack all of the donations we received for Haiti; without your help it would have been impossible! 

We received immense amounts of food, including water and canned meals; clothing, for all ages; and medical supplies to aid those in need.

Thanks again,

MUN Staff


Haiti Earthquake Relief Drive:

As part of a school-wide effort, MUN will be participating in the supply drive to aid the victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti.


Starting January 20, there will be various drop off locations including:

  • Media Center
  • Visitor's Center (Attendance Office)
  • Room 1407
  • Room 1401
  • Room 233
The items we will be collecting are:
  • Clothing (in good condition, all types of items)
  • Canned food items with tabs
  • Baby formula
  • First Aid Kits
  • Water
  • Blankets


Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF:


Thanks to all of those who donated and participated in our Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF initiative this year!

With your help we were able to raise more money than last year and with aid children all around the world!


September Update:

Thank you for the great turn out at the first meeting!

You guys' input regarding how the club should function and run is very important, so don't hesitate to email us and tell us what you think could improve us.

Also, thank you for those helping with the Freeze Pop sales after school, be it buying one or selling one. All of these funds are for the club to help pay for competitions and activities!

September 21st is the International Day of Peace:


Club Rush:

If you are interested in debate, global issues, and helping your community ranging from a local to an international level, then MUN may be the right place for you. 

Our first meeting will be on Tuesday the 15th in Room 1407 at 2:50 PM. 

Do continue to look around the website. Check out the Gallery for pictures of all club activities, and the Archive link for a more detailed past of MUN at Miramar High School.



SFMUN Conference Album

The Miramar High School Model UN team participated at the South Florida Model United Nations Conference at Florida Atlantic University on Saturday April 18th, 2009. The team had a great performance, although it was their very first conference. The Patriot MUNers did a great job in representing their nations and representing their school. Overall, the team won 5 individual awards. The delegates with the awards were:

Lonnie Kahoe - Outstanding Delegate 3rd Committee

Ana Londono - Outstanding Delegate 3rd Committee

Chrisley Carpio - Honorable Mention 3rd Committee

Joshua Klein - Distinction 1st Committee

Anthony White - Distinction 1st Committee

Congratulations MHSMUN!

Upcoming events: 

- 5/18 Final Meeting
- 6/4 Graduation

Updated: 5/16/10