March 29
Thank you to all those who came out and those who made donations to Marcus on Friday March 11th.  We hope you all enjoyed yourselves.  A special thank you to all those who put in the hard work to pull off this fundraiser.
Marcus is currently back at CHOP getting over a combination of the flu and a blood infection.  He is schedualed to start the second round of chemotherapy on Monday. Once the second round of chemotherapy is complete he will undergo a bone marrow transplant.
 March 9

Merely fifteen months old, Marcus Hutchinson was diagnosed with Histiocytosis last year. Hystiocytosis has typically been thought of as a cancer-like condition. It is a rare autoimmune disease in which the white blood cells attack the body rather than the infection. Extra immune cells may form tumors which can affect various parts of the body, and have already spread to Marcus' bones and skull. Because this illness is so rare, there is little research into its cause and treatment, and it is considered an "orphan disease," meaning it strikes too few people to generate government supported research. Right now the main treatments available are only chemotherapy, radiation, and steroids. Marcus will receive two rounds of intense in-patient chemo treatment for 28 days at the Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania. We are trying to raise funds for Marcus as the financial support the family needs has increased by a tenfold.

A link will soon be posted that will direct you to a journal that Marcus' mom has kept, to record his strength and progress throughout this ongoing fight. I thank you so much for taking the time to visit this website.

Please donate to help his brothers and family stay afloat during this time of need.

We are also hosting a fundraiser at Tavern on the Broad (200 S Broad St) in Philadelphia PA on March 11, 2011 from 6 PM- 10 PM. Please come out for a drink or two! All proceeds will go to the Marcus Hutchinson Foundation.