Dynamics of rigid bodies: 
The surprising dance of rolling rings

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On the cover of Physics Today:

Artificial swimmers: 
Quadroar, a low-Reynolds-number swimmer that induces flow fields similar to 
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and generates chaotic mixing in the environmental fluid
This project has received the National Science Foundation (NSF) award of 2016

Super-agile underwater vehicles
We are designing and fabricating agile autonomous underwater vehicles 
for scientific explorations and industrial operations in deep oceans

Stellar dynamics: 
Density wave in circumstellar disks and galactic nuclei 
Spiral structure formation in disk galaxies
instabilities of stellar systems

Protein dynamics in biomembranes:
Clustering and diffusion of transmembrane proteins in lipid bilayers 
with applications in signaling, raft formation, vesiculation, and endocytosis

Nonlinear oscillations: 
Nonlinear oscillations of hard disk drives
Modal interactions in spinning disks and emergence of chaos
Hybrid rigid-flexible dynamics of multi-body systems

Computational fluid dynamics: 
Transient airflow over mountains and through telescope structures
Applications: site selection for wind turbines and telescopes