Mirabai Devi 

Fall Mainland Tour • 2015


 Come celebrate with Mirabai Devi! 

She invites you to join her for her 2015 Fall Mainland Tour.   

 She is looking forward to being with you to  

 offer her love, healing gifts, spiritual guidance   

and support to each one of you.  


  We invite you to Save The Date as she tours

the Mainland for the next three months. More

details will be forthcoming, so keep your 

eyes open for more information about Mirabai's

 visits to your city! 

   Sending each of you blessings, Divine Light,  

freedom and Love.



The Mirabai Devi Foundation Team 

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Mirabai's 2015 Fall Tour



New England
Oct 1st – Oct 30th 

A Celebration of
Sacred Music, Yoga,
and Dance

Saturday, October 3rd
Taunton First Parish Church
Taunton, MA
10:00 am – 11:30 pm

Join Mirabai Devi as
KeyNote Speaker at
on Saturday, Oct 3rd at  
"Opening the Heart to Divine Love: 
    The Power of Compassion
    with Mirabai Devi"  

    As we move through 2015 and all the many 
    changes that we continue to see on our planet, 
    it is important for us to open the heart into Divine
    Love and Compassion. It is important that we 
    choose love and not fear, that we experience
    freedom from suffering and pain, and that we 
    forgive each other and ourselves.
    We invite you to join Mirabai in this special  
    opportunity to experience powerful group Light  
    Transmissions and Healing. She will lead the  
    group through spiritual teachings, peacemaking  
    and forgiveness prayers, and Light transmissions  
    and invoking Divine Healing. Join Mirabai as  
    she guides us through an experience of  
    transformation and healing that will culminate  
    in blissful state of awakening, an open heart,  
    a healed body, and expanded consciousness. 

    Come to Devotion Fest and celebrate with  
    Mirabai Devi, internationally revered spiritual  
    leader, teacher, author, and facilitator of healing. 

    Date: Saturday, October 3rd  
     Time: 4:00 pm
     Location: Taunton, MA
     Venue: Taunton First Parish Church
     Address: 76 Church Green, Taunton, MA  
     Registration: For more information, please 
     visit the DevotionFest website at: 


First Parish Church 
76 Church Green 


  Mirabai 2011 darshan    

Public Event!

Transmission of Divine Light
with Mirabai Devi
Cambridge, MA
Friday, October 16th 
6:00 – 9:00pm 

Join Mirabai for a magical evening filled with
    love, expansion of consciousness, music, and
    Light Transmissions. The Transmission of
    Divine Light awakens your true nature,
    accelerates the soul's evolution, and
    transmutes karma.

    Thank you to the Harvard Divinity School's
    Junior Hindu Studies Colloquium for sponsoring
    Mirabai at HDS! We are thrilled to offer this
    very special event so that it may be open to the
     Date: Friday, October 16th
     Time: 6:00-9:00pm
     Location: Harvard Divinity School
     Venue: Andover Chapel
     Address: 45 Francis Ave, Cambridge
     Cost: Suggested Donation $25
     Registration: No Registration Necessary  

                 This is a Free Public Event.
               Donations deeply appreciated.
     For more information, email The Mirabai Devi
     Offices at info@mirabaidevi.org
     The Mirabai Devi Foundation is always seeking
     Seva / volunteers for varying levels of commitment, 
     ranging from one-time events to ongoing roles.
     To volunteer for any of Mirabai's events, or to ask  
     how you can be of service in other ways, please 
     contact Jacqueline at:   


The Divine Light
with Mirabai Devi
Andover, MA
Wednesday, October 21st
You are invited to join MIrabai in this rare opportunity to experience Divine Light in a powerful group setting. Free yourself from 
limiting old patterns, and open into the pure, loving essence of the Divine Light. 

Join Mirabai for this special gathering where 
she will lead you through spiritual teachings, peacemaking practices, and a transformational group Light Transmission that will culminate in 
a blissful state of Divine awakening, an open heart, and expanded consciousness.
Come to Circles of Wisdom in Andover and 
celebrate with Mirabai Devi, internationally
revered Spiritual Leader, teacher, author, and 
facilitator of healing. 

Date: Wednesday, October 21st     

Time: 7:00-10:00pm
Location: Circles of Wisdom 
Cost: $100 per person
To Register, please click the registration link
below or contact:  
    Space will be limited, so please call to   
    reserve your slot as soon as possible. 

After you register via PayPal, you will 
receive an email with a call-in code. 
Please check your spam if you have not received this email.

Circles of Wisdom
90 Main Street


Private Sessions      
in Arlington, MA       
with Mirabai Devi       

   While on her Fall visit to Boston, Mirabai  
   will be setting aside time for private 
   in-person, Skype, or phone sessions.  
   Please see the below Private Session section
   for a more detailed description about what to
   expect in your private session with Mirabai.    
   Her private sessions sell out with a waiting  
   list, so please email us right away to book a  
   private session.    
New England Private Session Dates
Monday, October 5th
  Tuesday, October 6th
Thursday, October 8th
Tuesday, October 13th
Wednesday, October 14th
Thursday, October 15th
Monday, October 19th
Tuesday, October 20th
Friday, October 23rd  

Charleston, South Carolina
November 7th – 17th 
    Mirabai Hair fixed

Come celebrate with Mirabai Devi in Charleston, South Carolina! 
She invites you to join her for Private In-Person Retreats, 
Lightworker Training, and Private Sessions.
She is looking forward to being with you to
offer her love, healing gifts, spiritual
guidance and support to each of you!
More details to come!


Private Sessions  

with Mirabai 



Green Bindi  



     Mirabai works with individuals every day to  

     open them to love, health, bliss, joy, and  



     While on her Fall tour on the Mainland, 

     Mirabai will be setting aside time for private  

     in-person or phone sessions.  


     Private Sessions are offered in full-hour and  

     half-hour slots. During a private session,  

     Mirabai will perceive your needs for healing,  

     as well as address any issues you bring to  



     Private sessions are directed in a more  

     concentrated manner, often addressing core  

     issues like relationships, finances, and  

     health challenges.    


     A private session is a powerful opportunity   

     to experience profound change in your life.     

     The time will be spent cleansing and healing 

     what no longer serves. The energy and  

     healing that you receive is life transforming.   


     Mirabai's private sessions sell-out  

     with a waiting list, so please call right away  

     to put yourself on the waiting list or book a

     private phone session.  


     For private session dates in your area,  

     please see the listings above.  





Michele @ The Mirabai Devi Foundation Office

Phone: (760)216-1029







 Mirabai profile 3/4 length 


        Lightworker Training

                      Fall 2015    


   New England Fall Lightworker Dates:

                   Saturday, October 10th  

                   Saturday, October 24th


   Charleston Fall Lightworker Date:

                   Sunday, November 8th 


   Southern California Lightworker Date:  

                   Saturday, November 21st  



    We are pleased to announce that Mirabai will be
    conducting Lightworker Training on the Mainland
    during her Fall Tour.

Mirabai Devi's Lightworker Training is a program
    for those who are called in their hearts to be of
    service and are ready to open themselves to  
    receive profound Divine Support in order to do so! 
    Are you one of those who is called? 

   The Lightworker Training will propel you forward
   on your spiritual path and assist you in raising your
   consciousness, enabling you to be more fully  of
   service to yourself, your loved ones and the world.

   It is central to Mirabai Devi's mission to activate
   and empower others in the Divine Light during this
   time of conscious evolution. And there is growing
   joy and excitement in this community of
   Lightworkers as they open to inhabit their spiritual
   aspirations fully.

   The Lightworker Training:   

    • Delves into the mysteries of the laws of co-creation, healing and transformation of both the individual and collective human consciousness.  
    • Teaches mastery of the energies of thought, feeling and word and how to transform individual and collective fear through Divine Grace.  
    • Empowers one to hold the Divine Light at all times and to be a beacon in all circumstances. 
    • The Lightworker Training is ongoing.  


   Lightworkers participate in 2 one-day training  

   sessions per year.   

   Please go to www.mirabaidevilightworkers.org 

   for more information and to apply to join the Training. 

   Also check www.mirabaidevi.org and click on the
   Lightworker Link on the home page.


With Love,


Mirabai Devi

P.O. Box 235615

Encinitas, CA 92023-5615



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Southern California
   November 18th – 24th
More details to come!

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CALL 760-216-1029 
or EMAIL: info@mirabaidevi.org