Mir2 Arcadia Upgrade Guide

Upgraded Items

Upgraded Items are shown with different colour names to the standard white name items.

Superior Items usually have one or two added stats while Legendary and Artifact items may have many extra stats and are much harder to find/create.

Upgrade Process

The basic process is as follows...

Salvage Scrap Items to obtain Essence & Designs --> Combine new item with an Essence & Design --> Use ID scroll to find out what was created

Salvaging for Essences & Designs

When salvaging items you will either get an Essence or a Design from each item.

Salvaging Jewelry = Essence or JewelleryDesign
Salvaging Weapons = Essence, or WeaponDesign
Salvaging Clothing = Essence or ClothingDesign


Jewelry Salvage NPC (Jeweller) is located at 160:173 in Phoenix_Oasis
Weapon Salvage NPC (Blacksmith) is located at 260:273 in Tristram
Clothing Salvage NPC (Tailor) is located at 170:248 in Arcane Province (Arcane Wall)

Higher level items usually cost more to salvage while lower level items like clear/para/pro rings cost 17,000 gold coins per salvage

essence Essence

There are three stats for Essences

Volume = Quality of Essence (every 10% is a different name, so 30% is Magic, 40% Epic, 50% Exceptional, etc...)
Purity = The max level of item you can upgrade with this Essence (using a 34% or higher Essence will be good for clear/para/prot rings which are level 34 requirement)
Slag = I'm not sure what this does but is likely something to do with how likely it is to have success or fail.

design Design

There are three stats for Designs

Quality = Quality of Design (every 10% is a different name, so 30% is Magic, 40% Epic, 50% Exceptional, etc...)
Detail = The max level of item you can upgrade with this Design (using a 34% or higher Design will be good for clear/para/prot rings which are level 34 requirement)
Fade = I'm not sure what this does but is likely something to do with how likely it is to have success or fail.

You can expect the Purity/Detail % to be similar to the level of the item salvaged minus 5 or 10% (+or- a few depending how lucky you are), also Salvaging quality items like Legendary items will (if your lucky!) give better higher quality Essences/Designs.

From my experience I'm normally salvaging the level 50something items from the hidden lands which make Essences/Designs of around 40 Purity/Detail which are good for upgrading HeroClear, HeroParalysis, and HeroProtection rings as they are level 40.

Upgrading An Item

To upgrade an item you need one Essence and one Design and the item you wish to upgrade.

It is best to use normal fresh white items as any previous stats on this item will be removed before the new stats are added.

Press the small hammer Icon on the bottom right of the inventory panel and it will open the upgrade window.

Add the item you wish to upgrade along with the Design and Essence.
upgrade full

When you press upgrade the box around the item will either flash and give you an unidentified item (success) or the items stats will reset to that of a fresh white item (fail).

Once you ID the item you could get lucky and get something like this...

...or you could get unlucky and it will clear the stats back to that of a fresh item.

Upgrading with this system will NOT break the items your upgrading... but will remove any added stats and destroy the Essences+ Designs.

ID Scrolls

you can buy three different scrolls to identify your newly created items.

The ID scrolls NPC (Peddler) is located at 305:282 in Tristram

IdentificationScroll = 990 gold coins
ScrollOfAttributes = 9900 gold coins
ScrollOfKnowledge = 99000 gold coins

I'm not sure exactly how much better the more expensive scrolls are at increasing the success as I have had plenty of successful upgrades from the cheap scrolls and plenty of fails from the expensive ones.

What I normally do is use the cheap scrolls when I'm using cheap designs/essences and use the expensive ones for when using anything better than Epic or on high level items as you need all the luck you can get.


The Essences/Designs have names added to the end like "Legendary JewelleryDesign of Validity" ... I'm not sure what these are for but I'm trying to find out.

Examples of Success

Original Item Design Essence ID Outcome

Rarity Name Quality Detail Fade Rarity Name Volume Purity Slag

Poison Resistance Damage Resistance Magic Avoid Physical Attack Physical Defence Magic Defence Increase Reflect AttackSpeed
ParalysisRing Legendary Validity 70% 40% 1.05% Epic Constancy 46% 53% 0.96% 99000 Artefact ParalysisRing of Smoke 6% Fire 8.1%


HeroClear Rare Mythomania 27% 39% 1.15% Rare Authenticity 28% 61% 1.05% 9900 Epic HeroClear of Wrath
Dark 1.9%


HeroProtection Magic Validity 34% 42% 1.03% Rare Validity 28% 42% 1.13% 9900 Supreme HeroProtection of Ambergris
Dark 2.7% Lightning 3%

GreenGoldNecky Magic Constancy 32% 53% 1.06% Magic Constancy 31% 59% 0.86% 99000? Exceptional GreenGoldNecky of Deflecting
Fire 3.9%

StaffOfOsiris Exceptional Constancy 51% 54% 1.07% Magic Constancy 36% 52% 0.90% 9900 Magic StaffOfOsiris of Light

Holy 1.2%

HeroProtection Epic Mythomania 48% 35% 1.14% Magic Validity 39% 48% 0.98% 9900 Superior HeroProtection of Warding


HeroProtection Rare Authenticity 29% 60% 0.90% Epic Mythomania 40% 31% 1.20% 9900 Exceptional HeroProtection of Smoke 4% Fire 4.3% Ice -1.3%

HeroClear Magic Constancy 30% 50% 1.16% Rare Validity 22% 41% 1.07% 99000 Superior HeroClear of Remedy 3%

RevivalRing Magic Mendacity 31% 22% 1.22% Rare Mythomania 24% 29% 1.07% 9900 Exceptional RevivalRing of Deflecting 3% Fire 2.3% Dark -1.1%

HeroParalysis Magic Validity 30% 48% 1.08% Rare Constancy 28% 50% 0.95% 9900 Epic HeroParalysis of Flames
Fire 1.4%


ProtectionRing Rare Mythomania 27% 35% 1.20% Rare Mythomania 26% 38% 1.07% 9900 Epic ProtectionRing of Darkness
Dark 2.8%


Dura is not affected by the upgrade so it is best to use a high dura item to upgrade (I find a few 8/8 para rings which I like to keep for upgrading rather than the standard 5/5 or 6/6 ones commonly found).

It is best to Upgrade weapons before refining as any added stats are reset.

An item with just the weakness stat is worse than normal item... you can use any lower level scrap Essence & Design to reset the item stats by making it fail the upgrade.

Have a Legendary weapon Design but want to upgrade jewelry? Upgrade a weapon with the WeaponDesign then Salvage it and hope for an Essence as you can then upgrade the Jewelry with the Essence instead (you need a lot of luck for this to work).

Items with slots will NOT lose the slot from upgrading.