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Monday June 1

9:45-10:00Opening Remarks
10:00-10:45Leo LibertiHow a smart grid problem yielded an algorithm for binary bilevel programs
11:15-12:00Hongbo DongPerspective Relaxation meets Minimax Concave Penalty for statistical variable selection
2:00-2:30Diego MoranOn the polyhedrality of the t-branch closure.
2:30-3:00Poster introductions I (Slides)
3:30-4:00JP RichardImproved formulations for network interdiction through envelopes of bilinear functions over polytopes
4:00-4:30Alberto del PiaA polyhedral study of multilinear programs with box constraints
4:30-5:00Fatma Kilinc-KarzanConvexification Tools for Structured Nonconvex Programs with Conic Constraints
5:00-5:30Poster introductions II (Slides)
5:30-8:00Poster Session and ReceptionRoom 621
Tuesday, June 2
9:30-10:00Akshay GupteDisjunctive inequalities for convexifying product terms between continuous and 0/1 variables
10:00-10:30Marcos GoycooleaSolving large-scale instances of RCPSP with MIP: Applications in Mine Planning
11:00-11:30Kati WolterLP iterative refinement for exact rational MIP
11:30-12:00Ambros GleixnerNew algorithms for exact linear and quadratic programming over the rational numbers
2:00-2:45Matteo FischettiThinning out facilities: Lagrange, Benders, and (the curse of) Kelley
2:45-3:30Andrea TramontaniSolving MISOCP in CPLEX by cone disaggregation and lift-and-project cuts
4:00-4:30Andre CireDecision Diagrams for Optimization
4:30-5:00Business Meeting
6:00-9:00Dinner at Emilio's Tapas
Wednesday, June 3
9:30-10:00Amitabh BasuApproximate PSD Factorizations
10:00-10:30Marc PfetschOverlapping SOS1 constraints
11:00-11:45Ed RothbergExploiting Disconnected and Nearly-Disconnected Structure
2:00-2:30Jim LuedtkeBranch-and-Cut-(and-Price) for the Chance-Constrained Vehicle Routing Problem
2:30-3:00Yongjia SongNonanticipative duality, relaxations, and formulations for chance-constrained stochastic programs
3:30-4:15Manish BansalRecent advances in two-stage stochastic programs and lot-sizing problems
4:15-4:45Dan SteffyOn the structure and separation of knapsack facets
4:45-5:15Menal GuzelsoyMore ways to use dual information in MILP
Thursday, June 4
9:30-10:00Pablo ParriloSparse sum-of-squares certificates on finite abelian groups
10:30-11:00Sven LeyfferA Multilevel Optimization Approach for Two-Stage MIPs
11:00-11:30Dave MortonForced and Natural Nestedness
11:30-12:00End/Poster Prize