Phil Wheeler

Phil's Journey


Phil is a 33 year old Property Consultant with a specialism in Creative Finance.  Creative finance, is the ability to structure property deals using lateral thinking.  An example of which would be delayed settlement to avoid costly mortgage redemption penalties.   He started investing in property over ten years ago by reading books on the subject - a favourite being How to buy nice homes in nice areas with no money down by one of his heros, Peter Conti. 


 He attended a free workshop advertised in the newspaper with his Dad on Property Investment after work, later convincing his Brother to attend and sign up to the 3 day course. All of his efforts continued on a part time basis - working weekends and taking 'holiday' off work to attend courses and to paint his houses with much help from his Mum, Dad and Brother Chris on his passion, Property Investment.

His first property, a house bought prior to auction, was in Brighton, less than a mile from his house share where he studied at University.

Since leaving Management Consultancy and focusing full time on this passion, his property portfolio has been growing steadily. He has continued his education attending courses and reading a multitude of books on the topic to enable him to benefit in a falling market.  He is also an active member of the Property Tycoons Community Internet forums and uses the audio interviews and the pearls of wisdom gleaned from the posts to furnish his mind with property knowledge. He also attends property networking events run by Vanish Patel and Rhett Lewis.

He studies the works of Parmdeep Vadesha, Vanish Patel, Abdul Malik, Brian Tracy, Paul Galbraith, Lisa Orme, John Cummings (Sofie) and many others and to learn from their experience.

Staying fit and healthy is important to Phil.  He achieves this by regularly attending the gym, going Ceroc dancing and having regular vitality checkups.  He also fulfils his teaching ambition through Ceroc (a form of modern jive) which he teaches to absolute beginners as a taxi dancer.


He has been dancing for over five years and has competed at the Open Jive Championships in Blackpool and danced at the British Acadamy of Film and Television Awards (BAFTA) in Picadilly, London.


Average UK House Prices

He is a keen scuba diver and is planning his next dive in the Red Sea, Egypt. His goal of PADI Open Water Diver qualification was realised in 2006 in Thailand.  He is goal driven and highly motivated.  Recently he has ticked more of his goals off his list, a few of these are listed below: 

Completing a tandem skydive over Norfolk in July 2008

Racing a Ferrari 360s around Rockingham Race Track with friends in July 2008.  

Flying a Robinson R32 Helicopter over Brighton, England. 

Driving a Ferrari 355 around Silverstone racetrack. 

Walking on Fire at Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within, seminar. 

Flying a glider over his house. 

Meeting Mark Victor Hanson an enlightened billionaire.


 Phil is also a self confessed computer geek. A trait well known by his neighbours and cousins who benefit greatly from his expertise by knocking on his door when theirs won't work!  He has a degree in Computers and has worked in computer related fields, Investment Banking and Management Consultancy.