achieving Financial Freedom

Anyone can be a millionaire.... 



Anyone can be a millionaire.  Yes you read it correctly anyone can be a millionaire. The simplest formula for you to achieve this is as follows:


When you start working setup a standing order to deposit at least 10% of your gross earnings into a high interest bank account (or into and index tracking ISA.)


Every time you receive a payrise do not spend your increase but instead increase you monthly standing order by the same amount.  That way you will learn to live within your means and get to you goal sooner.


Other tips to get onto the fast track quickly include:


  • Never buy a brand new car. Cars depreciate by 17.5% the second they are driven out of the showroom.
  • Purchase as few things as possible on finance.
  • Buy appreciating assets. 
  • Sign up to The Money Saving Expert website and subscribe to Martin's moneysaving tips.
  • Don't be tight.  Be generous but spend your money wisely and do not waste it.
  • Be an enlightened millionaire give 10% of your earnings to charity.  Also volunteer your time to good causes.


There are quicker ways to amass the wealth of abundance that is available to us.  I have read almost one hundred books on the topic an by reading this you are benefitting from my distilled knowledge on the topic :



The Secret is a film that will show you the way. 


Reading list:


Think and Grow Rich.

The Richest Man in Babylon.

Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Ask and it is Given

Improve your vocabulary. 


Audio Books/Programmes:

Brian Tracy's 21 ways, goal setting workshops etc.

Anthony Robbins Personal Power.



Staying postive and focused is important.


Staying healthy is more important than wealth.  Switching from cows to goats milk, drinking plenty of water and drinking juice drinks will help achieve this.  Eating a salad with every meal and reducing you meat intake are methods to achieve this.  An excellent balanced diet, juice drinks, vitamin supplements and regular exercise are methods of achieving vitality. A good book to read on this is The juicemaster complete.


Why do I share this information?  Why don't I keep it to myself?  It is not a competition.  Life is abundant and there is always enough for everyone.  Beliefs contrary to this are counterproductive and keep us from moving forward and helping others.  Please share your knowledge and understanding and you will reap the benefits.