The Photogram

Fall 2013 Contents:

  • Message from the President, by Cindy Motzenbecker
  • MiPHS Remembers Mike Kessler
  • Camera & Photography Sales and Events
  • Daguerre's American Legacy
  • Members' Collection Portfolio
  • More Members' Favorites
  • MiPHS Field Trip: Ansel Adams at Kalamazoo Institute of Arts


The Photogram
is the newsletter of the MiPHS. It is published four times per year. The contents are copyrighted the year of publication but may used by other historical societies provided that credit is given to The Photogram and the author and that reciprocal privileges are granted. 

MiPHS is pleased to exchange individual issues or subscriptions to The Photogram with other photographica-related organizations.
The deadline for submission of materials to next Photogram is approximately four weeks before the cover date. Here is the schedule:

Winter: January 1, 2013
Spring: March 1, 2013
Summer: June 1, 2013
Fall: September 1, 2013
To submit articles or for questions, contact Mary Desjarlais, the editor, through the MiPHS address below. She can also be reached by email at See the bottom of this page for an idea for a feature article.

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Highlights of recent and past issues

Summer 2013 Contents

  • Message from the President, by Cindy Motzenbecker
  • News Snapshots
  • Richard I. Wolfe, Photographer
  • Book Review: The Photographic Researches of Ferdinand Hurter & Vero C. Driffield
  • Book Review: Mr. Driffield and Dr. Hurter: Their Lives & Times in Pictures
  • Camera & Photgraphy Sales and Events
  • Gallery & Museum Shows Daguerreian Society Mini-Symposium
  • The Toy Cameras of August Herzog; early apparatus to teach photography
  • Can You Identify the Photographer?

Spring 2013 Contents 

  • Remembering Balthazar Korab, by Mary Desjarlais.
  • Message from the President, by Cindy Motzenbecker.
  • Gallery & Museum Shows.
  • MiPHS Tour of Ansel Adams Photography at Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.
  • Daguerreian Society Mini Symposium & D.C Photo & Postcard Show, by Cindy Motzenbecker.
  • Camera & Photography Sales and Events.
  • MiPHS Auction and Estate Sales, by Cindy Motzenbecker.
  • Book Review: Motor City Muse, Reviewed by Mary Desjarlais.
  • 2013 Spring MiPHS Photographica Show, Photographs by Bob Lansdale.

April-May 2010

  • "East-West Diplomacy Through Diplomacy," by Tony Ventimiglia
  • "MiPHS Members Learn the Wetplate Collodian Photographic Process," by Judith Harrison Kalter
  • Invitation to submit photos and descriptions for the upcoming "Members' Portfolio" issue of the Photogram
  • Reservation form for the MiPHS Annual Dinner and Lecture on April 24, 2010
February-March 2010
  • "Cheers! Detroit Brewing through the Eye of the Lens," by Barb Bauer
  • "Enlarging Paper in the Digital Age," by Martin Magid
  • "Chasing the Light: 19th Century Astronomical Photography, by Leonard Walle (a preview of his lecture on February 27)
  • Reservation form for the MiPHS Annual Dinner and Lecture on April 24, 2010
November-December 2009
  • "The Design and Marketing of Argus Slide Projectors," by Robert E. Kelly
  • A report on Photohistory XIV at George Eastman House by Cindy Motzenbecker

September-October 2009

  • "MiPHS Collects: A Members' Portfolio," a display of hardware and images from our members
  • Jan Schimmelman reviews the book, "Take Me to the Water: Immersion Baptism in Vintage Music and Photography 1890-1950" by Jim Linderman and Luc Sante

July 2009

  • "A Grand Adventure: Brimfield, MA" is Cindy Motzenbecker's report on the visit she and Jan Schimmelman made to this mile-long flea market
  • Mark O'Brien's review of "The Evolution and Demise of the Larger Format Press Camera" by Reg Holloway
  • "A 20 Year Reunion: Indianapolis to Brimfield" by Mark Chalabala
  • "Photographic Treasures at Meadowbrook Hall" by Suzanne G. Iannucci

April-May 2009 (our first color issue!)
• "Beau Brownie Guide for Collectors" by Ralph London (note: Ralph also provided some of the financial support to the printing of this special issue)
• "Making Daguerreotypes" by Gregory Popovitch
• Leonard Walle's review of the book, Imagining Paradise: The Richard and Ronay Menschel Library at the George Eastman House, Rochester
• Correction to a passage in the Schaeberle article from the previous issue

February-March 2009
• "Hollywood Photographer: The Jack Albin Story " by David Rubello
• "John Martin Schaeberle: Michigan's Forgotten Astronomer and his '40 Foot Camera'" by Leonard A. Walle
• Eaton Lothrop remembered by Pepper Broad and Jan Schimmelman
• Reservation form for the Annual Lecture and Dinner on April 18
• "The President's Message" by Cindy Motzenbecker

November-December 2008
• "Professional Art: Exhibitions of the Photographers' Association of America, 1880-1900 " by James S. Jensen.
• Notice of the passing of Eaton Lothrop
• How to buy MiPHS logo merchandise
• "A Finite Review of UMMA's 'The Infinite Landscape' Exhibition " by Mark O'Brien
• "The President's Message" by Cindy Motzenbecker
• Photohistory XIV: Call for Papers 2009
• A thank-you note from our first Student Intern in Historic Photography

September-October 2008
• "MiPHS Collects: A Members' Portfolio." This article is a compilation of images and hardware, with associated descriptions and anecdotes, by MiPHS members.
• "Bill Schwab's Wet Collodion Workshop " by Cynthia Motzenbecker.

July 2008
• "The Cyanotype Process: Its Early Significance and Modern Usage" by Judith Harrison Kalter.
• This issue also contained the table reservation form for the Photographica Show and Sale on October 26.

April-May 2008
• "J. Thos. Rhamstine and the First Electric Exposure Meter " by Richard W. Holzman.
• "The Israelite House of David: A Real Photo Postcard Diary, 1904-1950" by Wally Jung.
• "The President's Message" by Cindy Motzenbecker invited members to "think spring" and noted that the new member directory will be coming soon so please submit your updates as soon as possible. She also reminded us to sign up for the April 5 banquet.

February-March 2008
• "Tom Halstead & The Halstead Gallery" by John B. Cameron
• "The President's Message" by Cindy Motzenbecker encouraged members to attend Doug Price's upcoming lecture at the Clements Library and the Annual Dinner and Lecture with Matthew Isenburg as our speaker.

November-December 2007
• "The Strange Question of Photography as Art" by Nancy W. Barr
• "The Argus C4: A Camera for the Amateur" by Robert E. Kelly
• Preview of the Daguerrian Society Symposium (Nov. 1-4 in Kansas City MO)
• Exhibition Review by Sabine Ocker - "The Art of the Snapshot" at the National Gallery of Art
• "The President's Message" by Cindy Motzenbecker mentioned looking for old outdoor photos for a study of weather and an appeal to members to send it their ballots

September-October 2007
• MiPHS Collects: A Members' Portfolio (a gallery of items and images from our members)
• "A Conversion with Bill Rauhauser on the Changes in Photography" with Elayne Gross and Cindy Motzenbecker
• "The President's Message" by Cindy Motzenbecker previewed upcoming events
• A report on the kickoff meeting of the Snapshot Group

July 2007
• Editor's message (Jan Schimmelman) vs. President's message (Cindy Motzenbecker)
• Photo coverage of the 2006 Trade Show
• Advertising postcard and table application for the 2007 Trade Show
April-May 2007 (the 35th anniversary issue of the Photogram)
• "Suicidal Competition": The Rise of Art Photography by James S. Jensen
• "The President's Message" by Cindy Motzenbecker covered the Naslanic sale.
February-March 2007
• "The Emergence of Todd Webb" by Martin Magid
• "Photograhy: Truth or Fact" by Bill Rauhauser
• "In Memorian: John B. Naslanic (1925-2006)" a remembrance by Andee Seeger
November-December 2006
• "Argus Enters the Cine Field" by Robert E. Kelly
• "When Today Becomes Yesterday: Au Sable and Oscoda Michigan Photographers and their Early 20th Century Postcard Views" by James Donaldson
• Review by Jan Schimmelman of the book, "Picturesque Mackinac: The Photographs of William H. Gardiner, 1896-1915" by Steven C. Brisson.
• Notice of the passing of John Naslanic
September-October 2006
• "Dave Tinder on Collecting Michigan Photos" by Cindy Motzenbecker
• "Kinnear Cameras - Large Format in a Small Size" by Rob Niederman
• Insert - Postcard for the Trade Show.
July (Summer) 2006
• "Warren Coville - Collector and Philanthropist" by Martin Magid
• Insert - Directory Update
• Insert - Trade Show Table Application
• Reports on the photo exhibitions in Ann Arbor in May
• Remembering Gordon Parks, Les Seeligson and Marty Raskin
April-May 2006
• Cover photo - A society meeting on May 1, 1976
• "O. Rodriguez's Patched-up Street Camera" by Eaton S. Lothrop, Jr.
• "On Street Photography" by Bill Rauhauser
• Book review by Mark O'Brien on "Argomania: A Look at Argus Cameras and the Company that Made Them"
February-March 2006
• "Women in Pants" is the topic of the Annual Dinner and Lecture on April 1
• Membership notes: We now have 234 members (up 10% from last year) in 18 states and two other countries
• "Hamilton Smith and Peter Neff: The American Tintype Patent 19 February 1856" by Janice G. Schimmelman
• "Union Cases: Elegant Accommodations for Early Photos" by George J. & Teresa H. Gamboa
November-December 2005
• Cover article, "Kodak Black and White Paper - RIP 1887-2005," by Mark O'Brien
• "Katherine Chamberlain: Above All, a Teacher" by Martin Magid
• "Will Digital become Historical" by Carl Meyerling
• "N. R. Farbman Update" by Martin Magid
• "Young America: The Greatest (Such) Show on Earth" by Nick Graver
• "A Full Day in Paris" by Cindy Motzenbecker
September-October 2005
• Cover article, "Of One Cloth: The Business, Science and Art of 19th Century Photography," a lecture by James S. Jensen
• "Exploring Century Cameras and Catalogs" by Ralph London
• "Main Street Looking East: Louis Pesha and the 'Real Photo' Postcard" by Doug Aikenhead
• President's message, including a report on the tour of the Argus Museum
• Pausing to Remember: John Darrow, Sr.
• Trade show application and postcard
July 2005
• Cover article was coverage of the Annual Dinner and Lecture
• Remembering James C. Hayes (1923-2005)
• Report on the Local History Conference held at Wayne State University
• Wrapup of Jim Donaldson's talk postcard photographers Albert Bradshaw and Fred Stevens
• What's ahead in the Photogram
• Trade show application and postcard
April-May 2005
• Cover article, "Spirit Photography & the Spirit of Photography in Victorian America" by Robert S. Cox, the speaker at our annual MiPHS Lecture and Dinner on April 9
• "Discovering the Unknown Life Magazine Photographer N. R. Farbman" by Martin K. Magid
• "Korea and Japan on Film: Personal Recollections of MiPHS Member Carl Meyering (Captain, USMC, ret.)" by Carl Meyering
• "A Grieving Nation: Lincoln's Assassination (140 Years Ago)" by Janice G. Schimmelman
February-March 2005
• "John W. Manser: Michigan's Mr. Graflex" by Martin K. Magid
• "An Interview with MiPHS Member Elayne B. Gross" by Cynthia Motzenbecker
• "All This on the Back of a Carte de Visite!" by David V. Tinder
• A report on the MiPHS Trade Show and the Daguerrian Society Symposium by Cynthia Motzenbecker
• Reminder on renewing your MiPHS membership (We are up to 212 paid members, 19% of whom live outside of Michigan).
• "Pausing to Remember" by Andee Seeger (Obituaries of Eddie Adams, Richard Avedon, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Carl Mydans)
• A calendar of events related to photo history
November-December  2004:
• A tribute to Bill Rauhauser and "The Family of Man" by Martin Magid
• Our president's update on the member directory (coming soon), reports on the last meetings and the donation of Gene O'Neal's photos to the Society
• "History of the National Photographic Association" by James S. Jensen
September-October  2004:
• Our president's mini-report on the Outdoor Photo Fair
• "An Interview with Photo Collector Jim Rutowski" by Cynthia Motzenbecker
• "Group Four, 1964-1968" by Bill Rauhauser
• "The Edison Institute Tintype Studio" by Janice G. Schimmelman
July (Summer) 2004:
• Our president's mini-reports on the Cleveland trip and the Bièvres Photo Fair
• Jan Schimmelman's first year anniversary as editor
• "The Revolving Photographic Cabinet" by Jan Schimmelman
• "Book Review: Smudgers by Chris Wroblewski" by Eaton S. Lothrop, Jr.
Note: The term "Smudgers" is an English colloquial term for photographers who sensitized and developed their plates on site.
April-May 2004:
• "You Press the Button, Then Do the Rest: Two Attempts at 'Instant' Photography" by Thomas Featherstone
• "The Early Paper Stereographs of Claude-Marie Ferrier" by John B. Cameron
February-March 2004:
• "Chasing the Light: Nineteenth-Century Astronomical Photography by Leonard A. Walle
• "It's Still Out There: a Daguerreotype Camera Discovery" by Bernadette Mary Zemenick
• "A Pilgrimage to Savannah" by Cindy Motzenbecker. This article is a report on the 2003 Daguerreian Society symposium
November-December 2003:
• "Four American Twin-Lens Reflexes" by Eaton S. Lothrop, Jr.
• "The Hunt for the Gloucester, MA Tintyper: The Man who Photographed the Man at the Wheel" by Philip A. Storey
September-October 2003:
• "Dickensian London and the Photographic Imagination" by Claude Baillargeon
• "The Role of the Cyanotype in Women's Colleges, 1890-1910" by Sabine Ocker