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Address: Laboratoire de l'Informatique du Parallélisme (LIP-ENS), 46 Allée d'Italie, Lyon 69364, France
Affiliation: CNRS, ENS Lyon

Research Associate, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge.
[03/2013-02/2014] PostDoc position at CWI, Amsterdam, within the Formal Methods Group.
[02/2012-03/2013] PostDoc position at LIX-École Polytechnique, within the group Comète. 
[11/2007-02/2012] PhD student, Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science (LFCS), University of Edinburgh.

For more information about me, have a look at my short CV (last update: 19th December 2013).

Some Events/Talks:

[25/08/2014] I'm attending the MFCS 2014 conference in Budapest (link to paper presented).
[17/07/2014] I'm awarded the Kurt Gödel Research Prize Fellowship in Logic in Computer Science (see link).
[14/03/2014] I'm giving a talk at the Bellairs (a.k.a. Barbados!) 2014 workshop
[01/03/2014] I started my new PostDoc at the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge.
[03/09/2013] Ackermann Lecture at CSL 2013 (slides PDF).
[14/06/2013] I am the recipient of the EACSL Ackermann Award 2013, for my PhD thesis work.

My Research

I'm interested in temporal logics for expressing properties of probabilistic concurrent systems (PLTS's). Most of my research concerned: theoretical investigations on fixed-point logics (μ-calculi) for PLTS's; design of (sequent calculus style) proof-systems for (human-aided) verification of properties of PLTS's; research on two-player stochastic games.

PhD Thesis: "Game Semantics for Probabilistic μ-Calculi", University of Edinburgh, 2012.  (Last revision: March 2012. PDF, PS, DVI, URL

>> EACSL Ackermann Award 2013 "Outstanding Dissertation Award for Logic in Computer Science" (Official report: link). 

A 10 pages description of the thesis is available at this link.

Conference and Journal papers: (DBLP link)
  1. T. Gogacz, H. Michalewski, M. Mio, M. Skrzypczak, "Measure Properties of Game Tree Languages", to appear in proceedings of MFCS 2014 (Preprint).
  2. M. Mio, "Upper-Expectation Bisimilarity and Łukasiewicz μ-calculus", proceedings of FoSSaCS 2014. (SpringerPreprint).
  3. M. Mio, A. Simpson, "A Proof System for Compositional Verification of Probabilistic Concurrent Processes", proceedings of FoSSaCS 2013. (SpringerPreprint)
  4. M. Mio, "Probabilistic Modal μ-Calculus with Independent Product", in Logical Methods in Computer Science, Volume 8, Issue 4, 2012. (ArXiv:1211.1511
  5. M. Mio, "On the Equivalence of Game and Denotational Semantics for the Probabilistic μ-Calculus",  in Logical Methods in Computer Science, Volume 8, Issue 2, 2012. (ArXiv:1205.0126)
  6. M. Mio, "Probabilistic Modal μ-Calculus with Independent Product", proceedings of FoSSaCS 2011. (Springer, Preprint
    >> ETAPS 2011 best student paper award. Read more.
  7. S. Crafa, M. Miculan, M. Mio, C. Piazza, and S. Rossi, "PiCNIC - Pi Calculus Non Interference Checker", Proceeding of ACSD 2008. (IEEE, Preprint).

Workshop papers:

  1. M. Mio, Alex Simpson, "Łukasiewicz μ-calculus", FICS Workshop,  2013. (EPTCS)
  2. M. Mio, "The Equivalence of Game and Denotational Semantics for the Probabilistic μ-Calculus", FICS Workshop, 2010 (PDF)
  3. M. Mio, "Product and CoProduct of Two-Player Stochastic Games", GPMFV Workshop, Brno (Czech Republic), 2010. (PDF)
  4. M. Mio, "A Proof System for Reasoning About Probabilistic Concurrent Processes", PSPL Workshop, Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), 2010. (PDF)
Drafts/Preprints/Papers under Review:
  1. M. Mio and A. Simpson, "Łukasiewicz μ-calculus", in Fundamenta Informaticae, invited contribution submitted to special issue on selected papers from the FICS 2013 workshop, 2014 (PDF).
  2. A draft about my recent work on mathematical foundations of probabilistic nondeterministic systems based on Function Analysis is available in the arXiv [arXiv:1310.0768]. A shorter version will appear in the proceedings of FoSSaCS 2014 (see my Conference papers above).