WinCE & PNA programs


A list of some great WinCE and PNA programs.




Mio Transfer Hack

For a lot of actions described on this site you might need Mio Transfer Hack. I think this program is an essential asset for altering / adding / deleting and copying files on your device.

Install Mio Transfer on your PC. It is on your DVD. Then copy mio transfer hack.exe into the install directory. Now you are all set.

Download Mio Transfer Hack: for C210 / C510 / C710.

Alternative link:MioTransferHack Version


Mio Transfer Hack C250 for C250 / C220


Turn your device on before connecting to your pc through the usb cable.



SmallTweaks v4.2                                                                             added April 7nd, 2007

A lot of the WinCE programs you can use on your unlocked Mio device have windows that are just too big to fit the Mio screen. For me this has been a pain in the butt from the beginning.
Thanks to PrinceR from the Dutch Mio Forum (see links page) i've found a solution for this.
It is called SmalTweak.
This program lets you configure certain registry settings without using a registry editor.

There are a couple of settings that will help make your windows become smaller. The font size and the sizes of the horizontal and vertical scrollbars. With SmallTweak you can change these with just a couple of clicks.


I changed my font height from -12 to -9. Changing it beyond -9 will make text unreadable. I changed the width from the scrollbars from 19 to 15. With these settings most of the windows are displayed just fine.

With SmallTweaks you can tweak other settings as well. I don't use the other ones, but you might find some of them usefull. Items to be displayed at Desktop or Top folder. My H/PC, Recycle Bin, etc can be configured including their icons and names.

  • To associate Extensions with Applications.
  • Device power off time.
  • Window animation.
  • System fonts.
  • Font cache size.
  • Scrollbar settings.
  • Software Input Panel settings. (CE 2.11 and higher)
  • PocketIE to display 65,536 colors. (CE 2.11)
  • Card battery warning.
  • Clear history for 'Run' from the Start Menu.
  • Clear history for 'Documents' from the Start Menu.
  • Clear history for 'Address' of Explorer.

Not all of them will work. Check them out for yourself.


Download the SmallTweak (Ver 4.2 Approx. 150KB)

Windows CPU File to download Machines tested Target machines
H/PC pro, CE 2.11 or higher MIPS

 GAPI for HPC's, version 3.10  (New version)                                        added April 1st, 2007


GAPI stands for Game Application Programming Interface. It allows direct access to the display memory.

It's a substitute for Microsoft's DirectDraw, which isn't available for the Handheld pc's. With this GX.DLL some of the PPC2002 and WM2003 applications are now also usable on HPC’s.


Windows CE CAB- file  ( Size: 653.634 Bytes)

Windows CE CAB file

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ChG96 Miomap Tools v2.0 English

A while ago i stumbled, by accident, on a little French program from Xania, called Gestion des Routes MioMap.

This program does something that i was looking for for quite some time.  It saves planned routes, something my device doesn't have. The standard Mio can only save one planned route in \My Documents\Miomap\route.dat. As soon as you plan a new route the old one will be overwritten. In my opinion a serious oversight of Mitac Mio. Anyways, i have been using it for quite some time. Eventually, some fellow Mio owners saw me use this and asked me to translate it for them. However, my spare time was very limited and i postponed it for a later date.

About 2 weeks ago i decided to give it a try and went to the French topic on it on GpsPassion. To my surprise another guy, named ChG96 had taken over and made a more advanced version of it called ChG96 Miomap Tools. He put alot more options in it. Anyway, i finished the translation, for now.

ChG96 has tuned this to a higher level. He added a profiles menu, Speedcam menu, Skin selector, a Tools menu and added a little script to make the Route menu resident, so that you can access it by clicking on a little triangle in the upper left corner.

By the way (FD) and (SC) in the top of the menu's stand for Flash Disk and Storage Card.

In the pictures above you can see the result of my translation and some small changes i did on it.

 The owner ChG96, has just given me permission for the translation and minor changes. So now i'm gonna share it with all of you out there.

Installation of ChG96 Miomap Tools English

  To use this app your device needs to be unlocked!
  •  Download and decompress the files.


  • Now copy the files into the same directories as provided in the download.


  • Optionally, create a map called "Skins" in the root directory of your sd card if you want to use the skin changer.


  • Create a shortcut of chg96_script.exe on your desktop and if you like in your Favorites. (In your Windows Explorer - Highlight chg96_script.exe - Click on "Edit"at the top - Select "copy" - Navigate to \Windows\Favorites and/or \Windows\Desktop - Again press "Edit" and select "Paste shortcut" - Use your keyboard if you want to remove the "Shortcut to" before the chg96_script.lnk).



  • The pppath.txt file is used for modifying the programs from you "Mainshell".  You don't really need it for the Chg96 program. The purpose of this file will be explained later.
  • Now restart your device and start the file from the desktop or the Favorites menu.


  Usage of the ppath.txt file

[Navigator]\My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap\MioMap.exe

This coincides with my normal locked Mainshell.

You can redirect  one or more icons from the "Mainshell" to other programs by altering the program in the ppath.txt file to the one you like, e.g. "[Music]\Windows\Mp3Player.exe" to "[Music]\Windows\Programs\Media Player.exe"

I don't know if this works on all Mio PNA's. Just try it if you like. I heard that the file is not on the C310x. Anyway, as said before, you don't really need it for the ChG96 program. 

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 Using and installing ActiveSync 

Attention: For ActiveSync to work on your Mio device it needs to be unlocked.


What is Activesync?

 ActiveSync is a little Windows program that sets up a communication between your pc and a mobile device, like a mobile phone, a pda or even a pna, just like your Mio device. With the program installed you can transfer files between your pc and your mobile device.


Installing ActiveSync 

Download Microsoft's ActiveSync /

Make sure you have installed NetFrameWork as well. 

Install ActiveSync on your pc, follow the programs directions. After installing connect your Mio device to the pc with the usb connection cable.



You can now make connection with you pc by pushing the ActiveSync button on your device. On my device it's the top left icon (see picture below).


Select the Explore button and you will see  the files on your Mio device. 

When you can see your files you are ready to start modifying or copying.

Why is Mio Transfer not working (after using ActiveSync)

The reason for Mio transfer not working is because when unlocked (2 button or otherwise) MapReceiver.exe in \Windows is not triggered to run. To use Mio Transfer simply run this executable. This file is in ROM, so if using the total commander explorer you may have to untick the menu option "Show->Hide files in ROM".
 MapReceiver on my desktop is renamed MioTransfer. (see picture to the left).
Note: If you want to subsequently use activesync, you must use iTaskMgr to kill this process as it keeps hold of the USB port.

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Windows Media Player 1.2 for Handheld PC (MIPS4, SH3, ARM)




Here's a download from microsoft that works like a charm. Your music keeps on playing while navigating.


Windows MediaPlayer 1.2 (ARM)




  • Unzip the file and copy naut640x240.ARM.CAB to your device.
  • Install it by double clicking on the file naut640x240.ARM.CAB
  • During the installation on the Handheld PC, the installer will ask you whether you wish to overwrite the file ATADISK.dll on your device.
    The updated ATADISK.dll file is part of the Digital Rights Management (DRM) of Windows Media Player. We recommend that you only agree to replace the file is you are using Windows Media Player 7.0 or 7.1 on your Host PC. If you are using a different version (6.4, 8, 9 or 10) HPC:Factor recommends that you do not allow the file copy as the dll has been know to cause major problems with the use of some CF storage cards. (This bullit part was taken from

  • Set sound quality to high.

You can also use a skin to make it look and work better. Copy the new skin over the original one in the \program files\windows media player directory. (You will be able to see the whole screen now).



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HPC Media Player v1.05

Full Credits: Geared2003



So, I have made an all-in-one distribution to support most Multimedia Files on HPCs. This distribution is based on the latest TCPMP build (0.72 RC1) made by Picard and the CorePlayer team, with several changes and add-ons.

The following changes have been made to the original standard package:

-1) brand new artwork: new icons, news buttons (basic skin) to update the boring TCPMP look-and-feel,
-2) the following official plugins have been included: ffmpeg, ac3
-3) added: unofficial AAC plugin
-4) added: Windows Media 9 plugins for MIPS and ARM ( this is a required component to play all WMV files with sound on CE versions lower than 4.20)

The following CAB files should work with all CE 2.11+ devices; however, some components may not work correctly on old devices ( Windows Media playback has not been tested on CE2.11).

The supported video file containers are: AVI, MOV (quicktime), WMV, MP4, MPG.

I also included k-matsu's GAPI as an extra package: Most new ARM devices can use the excellent GAPI implementation made by WinCE Soft
However it is quite difficult to find a working GX.dll for MIPS and CE 2.11 devices.
The included GAPI version works very well with this media player.

This latest 1.05 package adds an optimized AVC/H264 plugin for ARM devices, so it can play all files supported by CorePlayer. The TCPMP team removed the free CoreAVC plugin from the TCPMP download site some time ago, probably because they wanted to keep some “exclusive features” for their commercial player ( which does not work on most HPCs anyway…).
I also updated the skins and icons.

You can download the 1.05 version of the package here:
HPC Media Player 1.05

or here:

HPC_Media_Player_1.05.rar (


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RealPlayer for Mobile Devices



You can download the player here:  RealPlayer Mobile

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 Changing compressed BMP-files in Miomap and IGO.

As you might know it was not possible, until now, to open the compressed bitmaps in Miomap or IGO.

Thanks to FredLynx this has changed.  You can find this program here.

So far there are even 4 language packs available: French, English, Dutch and Danish.


Get it and start changing your bitmaps!!

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Here are links to Excel viewers, Image, PDF, PowerPoint, and Word viewers.

(under "apps for arm cpu", choose "adobe acrobat reader 2.0 for 4.2") .


Navigator 2.2b


New Navigator Version 2.2

NOTE: Your Mio must be hacked so you can access the Windows CE Desktop for this to work.

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 Microsoft Compact .net 1.0 SP3

Microsoft Compact .net 1.0 SP3 Redistributable:  .net 1.0 SP3



 Tascal Regedit v0.90



This is a registry editor program for Pocket PC , just like the one in Windows XP.


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OziExplorerCE website

This is the official web page for the OziExplorerCE GPS Mapping Software which will work with most GPS receivers for real time tracking of GPS position (Moving Map).

OziExplorerCE is moving map software for PocketPC and Window CE PDA's, it uses raster map images which are either scanned or purchased in digital format. It allows you to track your position received from a GPS on a map (moving map).

OziExplorerCE is not automatic route planning software, you cannot request the best way to get from point A to point B, if you require this type of software then OziExplorerCE is not for you. However OziExplorerCE will allow you to create your own routes on the map and navigate along those.

The design philosophy is you plan your trip using the full PC OziExplorer on you PC and then transfer your waypoints and other data to your PDA for use by OziExplorerCE.

Main Features

There is a detailed list of features here

  • Uses almost any map which can be created by the PC version of OziExplorer.
  • Moving map navigation using any GPS providing NMEA output in one of the supported sentences.
  • Automatic loading of the next map.
  • Automatic Route prompting (voice and symbol).
  • Create Route on screen using the stylus.
  • Check for more detailed map at a set interval.
  • 5 user tracks can be loaded
  • Tracks can be created on the map using the stylus
  • Logging of Track points to file.
  • Create Waypoint at current position * Create Waypoints using the Stylus.
  • Drag Map Objects to new position.
  • Many Map Zoom levels.
  • Various Position display formats.
  • On screen display of Speed and Bearing.
  • Speed Monitor (plays sounds (wav files) when set speeds exceeded).
  • Display Waypoints on the map.
  • Find Maps at cursor position.
  • Name Search * Log Book
  • Satellite View * Map View
  • + much, much more.

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