Morkin's Speedcam page and messages



 Watch out for the newest, undetectable police weapon against speeding, the mobile radar pidgeon!!


Explanation of available camera types in MIO / IGO:

Fixed camera


Mobile camera


Built in camera system

Section control camera


Red light camera



A fixed speedlimit camera on the side of a road, which controls traffic speed in one or sometimes both directions.

Operated from cars or mobile appliances, most of the time in a concealed spot. In Miomap, this so called speedtrap has no speedlimit warning. But when you add a speed limit for mobile camera manually, it will pop up a warning when you are over the speed limit.


Camera system built into a traffic light. Measures speed limit. 



A section control camera works with paired cameras. They measure the average speed of the route between the 2 cameras. Miomap displays the speed limit.



A Red light Camera detects driving through a red light. It is no speed detection device. Miomap does not display a speed limit.



 MioMap v3 speed cam update.


How to install speedcam synchronization?

Synchronise your Mio device with the speedcam database to receive the latest speedcam locations.

MioMap v3 conveniently displays the locations of all known speed cameras, as well as the likely sites of mobile ones. Keep your device up to date by synchronising it with the online database on our website.

 C250 owners

If you are an owner of a C250 and you have not yet installed the tool, just follow the procedure below. If you had already installed the tool, then first follow these steps:

  • Close MioSync tool by right clicking on the icon at the bottom right of your screen and selecting exit
    Download mio sync
  • Follow the procedure starting from step: 'Installing MioSync'.


MioSync Installation process :

  • Logging in to MioClub

    On the Mio website, select the MioClub section. Log in using your user name and password.
    If you haven’t done this before, you will have to register your device first.

  • Activating your account

    Choose ‘Synchronise speed cams on my device
    Your account has to be activated before you can synchronise the speed cams. Click ‘Activate MioSync’.

  • Installing MioSync

    • Click the Download button. It is advisable to close all other applications before you install the tool.
    Download mio sync
    • Click on Run
    save file
    • Click on Run
    install file
    • Once the download is finished, click on Next
    install file
    • Click on Install
    install file
    • A form will open indicating the process
    save file
    • Click on Finish
    save file
    • Resart your computer. Re-open the MioClub page you were on earlier. A speed cam icon will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen.
    speedcam icon
  • Synchronising with the online database

    • Connect your device to your desktop PC using the USB cable
    • Right click on the speedcam icon and select Settings
    settings miosync
    • Enter the registration name, serial number and email address. You can find these on the MioClub speed cam synchronisation page. This must exactly be the same as otherwise the synchronisation will not work. Select the countries for which you want to update the speed cam database. Click on OK when you are ready. These settings can be changed at any time.
    settings miosync fill in
    settings miosync fill in
    • Right click on the speedcam icon and select Synchronize
    synchronize miosync
    • You will see a text pane appearing on the lower right side of your screen, indicating the synchronisation status. Synchronisation may take a couple of minutes.
    synchronize miosync
    • When synchronisation is complete, please exit and restart MioMap. If you own a Mio C210, please restart your device.


Speedcam Synchronisation


MioSync Account details example


Your MioSync Account Status

status: Your Account is Activated (expires on 23-06-2007)

Your MioSync Settings (example)

Use these details in your MioSync device to get acces to the speedcam database.

Speedcam synchronisation is only possible for Mio navigation devices with MioMap v3 installed.



MioSync v1.2


What is MioSync ?

Use MioSync to synchronise your device with the online speedcam database. All the latest speedcam locations are just a few clicks away!

Latest MioSync Software :

  • version : v1.2
  • size : (1.1 MB)
  • OS : Windows only
  • MioSync v1.2 icon

Mio C220, C320, C520 & C520t UPDATE

Speedcam Synchronisation now available for the Mio C220, C320(t) & C520(t)

Onwers of a C220, C320(t) & C520(t) can synchronize their device with the online speedcam database.


Available Speedcams in our database

Mio Speedcam Database Details from May 28th, 2007


Country New Speedcams since last week Total Speedcams
Andorra 0 6
Belgium 4 1387
Canada 0 1236
Czechie 3 77
Denmark 0 1
Finland 7 507
France 74 3709
Greece 0 51
Hungary 0 21
Ireland 0 13
Italy 18 1689
Lichtenstein 0 4
Netherlands 6 1619
Norway 0 327
Poland 1 368
Portugal 1 47
Romania 1 25
Slovakia 0 2
Slovenia 0 39
Spain 6 975
Sweden 17 841
Uk 4 7348



MioSync Speedcam database synchronisation

Always get the latest speed cam locations with MioMap v3.

MioMap v3 not only indicates you where to expect speed cams, it also offers a unique possibility to keep the speedcam locations database up to date. You can add the speed cams you spot on your own device. And so can every other user!

But there’s more than that. When you synchronise your device with the online database on the Mio website, all the new locations are uploaded. In exchange, all the new locations already in the database are downloaded to your device. Every single day you can download new locations!

For all Mio devices with MioMap v3 installed on them, you get a one year subscription for this online speed cam database, free of charge.

Log in to the MioClub to update your speed cam database, or to activate your account.







Speedcam warnings in Austria and Germany


Another sad message for the Mio speedcam warning system has arrived. Two more countries have joined the speedcam ban after Switzerland. See the official message from Mio below.

Dear client,

Due to legal restrictions concerning speedcam warnings in Germany and Austria, Mio Technology has decided to remove all speedcams located in Germany and Austria from the speedcam database. From now on, it is no longer possible to download speedcam warnings in Germany and Austria.


Mio Technology Europe

Mio has fixed the speedcam update for C250 owners


Good news for all C250 owners.

Mio finally managed to fix the speedcam update tool.


Why can't I see any speedcams in Switzerland?


Due to legal restrictions concerning speedcam warnings in Switzerland, Mio Technology has decided to remove all speedcams located in Switzerland from the speedcam database. From now on, it is no longer possible to download speedcam warnings in Switzerland.

Remark: speedcams can only be used in combination with MioMap v3.