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Some of the info on this page has been taken from the MIO site. Full credits for these parts go to Mitac Mio. These parts were merely added to provide extra info on general issues in an easy to find place.  


How to use your Mio utilities like Mio Transfer Hack MioSync and Mio v3 Updater in Windows Vista  ( Added March 4th, 2007)

In Vista you can still use your Mio utilities like Mio v3 Updater, MioSync and even Mio Transfer Hack after installing the Vista Mobile devices driver.

Force Vista to install your old usb drivers from the Mio dvd / cd.


1] Open Device Manager (Control Panel - System and Maintenance - System) or right click Computer - Properties - Device Manager.
2] Open Mobile Devices - Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003.
3] Open the driver tab - Select Update driver.
4] Select "Browse my computer for driver software".
5] Select "Let me pick from list of device drivers on my computer".
6] Press "Have Disk".
7] browse to the folder / dvd where your Mio usb drivers are located.
8] Select WCEUSBSH.inf
9] Press next
10] Windows will install your update driver. (Sometimes Windows complains about unsigned drivers, install anyway).
11] Restart your computer.

Your done.

Now you can install or use your Mio utilities.

Just make sure that you don't have the Vista mobile drivers running if you want to use one of these programs. If you have, the programs won't start or with Mio Transfer Hack the second window pane will remain empty.

If you have Vista mobile running close it and then click on "Mapreceiver" in your Windows directory on your Mio. (When you unlocked with C310Auto.exe you can also press "MioTransfer" on your desktop, which really is a renamed Mapreceiver).

Also remember not to use more than one of the utilities at one time. So if you updated your Speedcams using MioSync and then want to use Mio v3 Updater, close MioSync first.

That's it.


PS: if you do install the old Mio drivers you won't be able to use the Activesync option, ergo your device won't show up in the Wincows Explorer. Haven't figured it out yet how to get both working with one set of drivers. I'm testing 4 different sets of drivers at the moment. The original, but very old Mio drivers, the original Vista driver, the updated Vista driver (windows update) and the Vista HPC usb driver from "HPC Factor".

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How can I add or remove buttons in the map view of MioMap v3?

In Cockpit mode, click on the menu button followed by the Settings button.

miomap menu

To disable or enable the zoom in/out and tilt buttons click on:

zoom and tilt buttons miomap

If you do not wish to see street information when tapping a location on the map, deselect the following function:

information button miomap

How can I enter a destination by its coordinates?

Select 'Menu' from the Cockpit view, then select the 'Coordinate' button.

coordinate input
  1. First fill out the N/S coordinate in the left top pane. Tap the N/S button to switch from North to South.
  2. Then fill out the E/W coordinate by tapping the right top pane. Tap the E/W button the switch from East to West.

More information can be found in the MioMap v3 user manual of your device.

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How can I change the keyboard layout in MioMap v3?

The keyboard in MioMap v3 offers four available layouts:

  1. qwerty
  2. azerty
  3. alfabetical
  4. numeric

To change from one layout to the next, you tap the 'Keys' button, on the right of the space bar on the keyboard.

miomap v3 keyboard selection

How can I see the type of map coverage on my device? (MRE or full coverage)

Instructions to see the map coverage of your device.

  1. In the MioMap v3 main menu, tap the settings button (top right corner of the screen).
  2. In the settings menu, tap the About button (lower right corner of the screen)
  3. In the About menu, tap the Maps button.
    You now see a list of all countries, installed on your device. For countries where only MRE coverage is available, you'll see (MRE) (i.e. Major Roads of Europe) behind the name of the country. All other countries have full coverage.
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MioMap v3: how can I see which version is installed on my device: v3.0, v3.1 or v3.2?

To find out which version of MioMap v3 is installed on your device, simply launch MioMap v3.

In the main menu screen, the version is specified in the top menu bar.

If you have version v3.0 or v3.1, you can update to v3.2 via the MioClub Update Tool.

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When I start up the MioMap V3 Updater tool a message appears: cannot connect to your device.

The following message can appear in two cases:

Miomap Updater v1.0 Error

The Mio USB driver is not yet installed on your computer:

Before you can use the MioMap V3 updater software you will first have to install the Mio Digiwalker device (USB) driver on your computer so that your computer can communicate with your device.

This can be done by installing the Mio Transfer tool. This tool can be found on the DVD that is delivered together with your device. Place the DVD in your computer and install the Mio Transfer tool. Once the tool is installed, start up the Mio Transfer tool and then exit the program. This action will load the Mio USB driver in the memory of your computer.

The Mio USB drive is installed but the MioTransfer tool is not closed properly

If the Mio Transfer tool is not closed properly then the Mio USB drive is not free to be used by the Mio Updater tool. If you see the following icon in the status bar at the bottom right of your computer:

mio transfer icon

then you need to close the program properly. Right click on the icon and select exit.

mio transfer icon
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HTTP exception error during update with Miomap V3 Updater

Internet connection has been lost during the update process of the MioMap v3 Updater tool.

  • open Explorer and go to the folder Programs/Mio Technology/MioMap v3 Updater. This is the standard installation folder. In case you installed the program in another location, please go to this location
  • delete the folder Cache
  • delete the file cache.db
miomap updater tool folder

You will now be able to run the MioMap V3 Updater tool without any problems.

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The meaning of the message 'Your destination is in an unreachable area"

While planning a route it is possible that the message 'your destination is in an unreachable area' will appear. If you click on OK, the route will still be calculated with some small alterations.

unreachable area error

This message indicates that your destination cannot be reached by car. It might be in a pedestrial area or something similar. The route will bring you as close as possible to your destination.

When you reach your destination, you will notice 2 different colours in the planned route. The red route, as shown in the picture below, is the route reachable by car, the purple route is the pedestrial area.

unreachable area colour

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Naming and navigating to foreign cities

When navigating to a foreign city make sure you enter the official city name in the country language.

For example: Rome is called Roma in Italian. Vienna is called Wien in Austria.  (LM)

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Where are the speedcam warnings from Switzerland?

Due to legal restrictions speedcam warnings for  Switzerland have been deleted from the speedcam database. It is no longer possible to download speedcam warnings for Switzerland.

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 How to use cold boot (hard reset) for C310/C510/C710

If your device still does not respond after a "soft reset", you can use the following steps to perform a "hard reset."

  • 1. Disconnect all cables from your Mio device.
  • 2. Operate the ON/OFF SWITCH to the OFF (LEFT) position.
  • 3. Wait for approx. 1 minute and then switch back to the ON (RIGHT) position.


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 How to restore your Cx10 to its original state


Make sure you have installed the usb drivers from the Mio dvd on your pc. You can check this in your "System Properties" in the folder "Hardware" under "Device Manager". Look for the Windows CE USB Devices".

If you are sure you have installed it, but do not see it try another usb port first.

If this doesn't help either restart your computer, power on your Mio and then connect it to the computer.

If that didn't help throw away the WinCE driver from the "Device Manager", restart your computer and re-install the WinCE drivers from your dvd.



  • Close down all unnecessary programs running in the background of your pc. You can do this by opening your "Task Manager" by pushing the CTRL-ALT-Delete combination. Then close in folder "Processes" all unnecessary programs.
  • Connect your Cx10 device to the pc through the usb port.
  • Put the dvd with the country maps into your computer's dvd-player. In my package for the C710 it is the orange labeled dvd.


map update language selection


  • Select "Restore Mio Map V3 Software" (see picture above) and follow the instructions.
  • After this has been done select option 2 "Transmit maps" and follow the instructions again.
  • Now check your device if everything is working correctly.


(Re-)install Miomap V3.2 (if you have an older version on your dvd)


After you have followed the steps above on restoring your device to its original state you might wanna try to update it to the latest edition, which is for Europe V3.2 dated 18-01-2007 todate (4-3-2007).




  • Install Miomap v3 Updater on your computer. If you have already done this before, open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:/Program Files/Mio Technology/MioMap v3 Updater/. Delete the file Cache.db and the folder Cache completely.
  • Make sure you have no other usb application running.
  • Start Miomap v3 Updater and follow the instructions given.
  • If your device needs an update, the following window will appear:
    miomap tool interface 
  • Necessary updates are shown in black. In case you have to install MioMap v3 updates (first option) it is best to do these updates alone and start up the tool for a second time to update other items. Important: map updates are updates in the maps due to bugs. The map data itself is not updated.
  • If your device doesn't need an update, the following message will appear:
    miomap tool interface no update
  • After updating succesfully restart your pc to load in all background programs again.


Make sure you saveguard the files located in C://Program Files/Mio Technology/MioMap v3 Updater/cache/. You can easily use these files again if something might go wrong. You just have to copy these files to your device with Mio Transfer Hack, ActiveSync or BlueTooth to make it work properly again.


How to synchronize your PND with your Outlook contacts and navigate directly to them?

One of the major advantages of having contacts on your PND is that you can synchronize your device with your Outlook contacts and navigate to them directly.

This is possible on a C520(t), H610, C710 and C510.

  1. Step 1

    Make sure your Outlook contact's addresses are complete and in the correct format.

    Correct settings in Outlook Contacts

  2. Step 2

    1. Plug the USB cable in your device.
    2. Launch MioTransfer on your desktop computer and select the tab 'Contacts'. You can select different actions to take if conflicts between data on your desktop computer and your mobile device should arise
      Mio Transfer Contacts screen
    3. Once you have selected the action, click on ‘Start’ to start synchronizing the contacts on your desktop computer and those on your PND.
    4. In Outlook, a message will appear asking you if you want to give access to your e-mail addresses. Click the 'allow access for' box and select Yes.
      Synchronise your contacts with Outlook
    5. After synchronization, the following message will appear:
      Synchronise your contacts with Outlook
    6. You can now remove the USB cable from your device and close MioTransfer.
  3. Step 3

    1. On your device, select Contacts in the main window.
    2. Select the contact you want to navigate to and click on the navigate to button (indicated in red below)
      Synchronise your contacts with Outlook
    3. In the next window that opens, select if you want to navigate to a contacts home or work address.
      Synchronise your contacts with Outlook
    4. To navigate to the home address of your contact, click on
    5. To navigate to the work address of your contact, click on  
    6. MioMap v3 is launched and the address is automatically entered. You are now ready to navigate to your contact!






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