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Collection of useful procedures and How-To's you have seen somewhere on the net, but can't remember where!.




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How to contact Mio

Mio Transfer Hack 

Adding new maps / voices / languages

Deleting maps / voices / languages

How accurate are Mio maps / Where to report map errors?

Where to find updates / How to install and run Updater?

I've copied all maps to an SD card, but my device can't find them.

Where can I find a manual for my Mio device?

How can I reset my C710?

Which Bluetooth wireless technology mobile phones are compatible with my Mio C510E or C710?

How can I see the type of map coverage on my device? (MRE or full coverage)

Is TMC available in my country?

How do i change the map colors? (Schemes)

How to silence or restore the click sound in WinCE (desktop)

Changing compressed BMP-files in Miomap and IGO

Which SD cards are usable?

How to improve sound on Bluetooth handsfree function (C510E / C710)

How to restore my missing "Track Options" button after Miomap update January 18th, 2007?


Some of the info on this page has been taken from the MIO site. Full credits for these parts go to Mitac Mio. These parts were merely added to provide extra info on general issues in an easy to find place. 

 How to contact Mitac Mio

Mio on the internet:

No Mio Club Account yet ?

Create a Mio Club account


What is Mio Club ?

As a registered MioClub member, you’ll have access to the speedcam database (for MioMap v3) and software updates.

Subscribing to the newsletter ensures you of a steady supply of navigation toptips, the most interesting FAQs and much more.
And of course you can change your subscription and profile at all times.


Contact European Headquarter

Mio Technology Europe

Brusselsesteenweg 307b, 1785 Brussegem

Lat: 50,931533
Long: 4,256400

Mio Technology's European headquarter is located nearby Brussels, Belgium



Contact by phone

Belgie +32 (02)2 461 0799 + Belgium - 0900-51023 - € 0,45 / Min.
France +33 (0)1 4993 2253
Nederland +31 (0)20 654 5559 + Netherlands - 0900-9933666 - € 0,45 / Min.
UK +44 (0) 207 294 0074


Contact Mio Technology

Technical issues:

Please have a look at our extensive Support Section first before contacting our support centre.

Contact Support

Non-technical issues:

Please click the buttons below for all your enquiries regarding sales, press and other  general topics. Technical support questions will not be answered here.



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Mio Transfer Hack

For a lot of actions described on this site you might need Mio Transfer Hack. I think this program is an essential asset for altering / adding / deleting and copying files on your device.

Install Mio Transfer on your PC. It is on your DVD. Then copy mio transfer hack.exe into the install directory. Now you are all set.

Download Mio Transfer Hack: for C210 / C510 / C710.

Alternative link:MioTransferHack Version


Mio Transfer Hack C250 for C250 / C220


Turn your device on before connecting to your pc through the usb cable.


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Where and how to store new maps / voices / languages

In order for extra maps / voices / languages to work on your device you have to copy them in one of the following directories:


 \Storage Card\MIOMAP\MAPS\

 \Storage Card\MAPS\




 \Storage Card\MIOMAP\VOICE\

 \Storage Card\VOICE\




 \Storage Card\MIOMAP\LANG\

 \Storage Card\LANG\



Ofcourse you can also copy your maps / voices / languages directly on a sd card using a sd card reader.  Just make sure to make the correct directory first.

After copying do a softreset and off you go.

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Deleting unused maps / voices / languages

Go to the directories as described  in the topic "Where and how to store new maps / voices / languages" using Mio Transfer Hack.


Highlight the files you want to delete. Make sure you selected the right files. Click on the delete button located just above the 2 windows, the second from the left. You can also push the delete button on your keyboard directly.

Another method is deleting your files through a card reader. Ofcourse this only applies to files located on a sd card and not your flash disk.

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How accurate are Mio maps? / Where to report map errors.

Mio products use Tele Atlas maps. Tele Atlas maps are very detailed and even the smallest roads are usually captured.

Wrong route advice is possible:

  • because route calculations are made to match your route calculation favorite choice (fastest, shortest, economical, etc...), with the available roads on your way and their 'grade' in the maps database (from highway to tracks). In some rare and particular cases some roads are not set with the actual grade because of speed limit modifications, road works, addition of traffic lights.
  • traffic situation changes constantly in all countries. Tele Atlas constantly updates its map data but due to the huge amount of kilometers to be monitored, not all roads can be surveyed (this means checked in reality) at the same time. The main roads are surveyed first. This means that mistakes may still appear for a while on smaller roads in map data.
  • not all countries have yet been captured with the same amount of details. If you are interested in a particular area and would like to verify if it's included in map data or not, you can browse to Mappy (this website uses the same Tele Atlas maps) and enter your address. If the area is covered, it will be shown on Mappy. If not it means the area you are looking for is not covered yet in the map data.

Since the map data belongs to Tele Atlas, mistakes in the database cannot be updated by Mio. Errors can be reported via the link: Tele Atlas MapInsight. Follow the link and locate and define your problem.

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Where to find updates? / How to install and run the MioMap v3 Updater tool for PND?

Before installing the updater tool, be sure Mio Transfer is installed. Mio transfer is available on the application DVD. This DVD can be found in the device box and will automatically install the needed driver files.
The C250 cannot yet be updated via this tool. This will be possible soon.

MioMap v3 Updater tool for PND
size: 269.0 KBlast update: 06-10-2006Download (Mio Club)
Why use the updater tool for PND?

The tool connects with the updater server and checks ifs updates are available for your device. Via the tool it is possible to update your MioMap v3.0 and v3.1 to v3.2, to update the MioMap software and to update voices. To keep your device up to date, it is advised to run this tool regularly. To find out which MioMap version you have on your device, click here.

How to install the updater tool for PND? 
  1. Download the update tool by clicking the button above. Select run.
  2. The tool will automatically be installed on your hard drive.
How to use the updater tool for PND?

Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable and in the ‘Programs’ menu, under the header ‘Mio Technology’ you’ll find ‘MioMap v3 Updater’. Run the tool. The tool will automatically check if your device needs an update.

  • If your device needs an update, the following window will appear:
    miomap tool interface 
  • Necessary updates are shown in black. In case you have to install MioMap v3 updates (first option) it is best to do these updates alone and start up the tool for a second time to update other items. Important: map updates are updates in the maps due to bugs. The map data itself is not updated.
  • If your device doesn't need an update, the following message will appear:
    miomap tool interface no update


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I've copied all maps to an SD card, but my device can't find them.

If you use your desktop computer's SD card reader to copy the maps to an SD card, make sure to copy it into the right folder.

In the root of the SD card, create a folder named MioMap. In that folder, create a subfolder named Maps.

Copy all the maps there and your device will find them.

Detailed procedure :

Note: it is not possible to copy maps on a SD card present in the Mio device. The SD card must be placed in a SD card reader.

  1. Insert the MioMapV3 DVD in the DVD-drive of your PC.
  2. Insert the SD card into your SD card reader
  3. Choose your language for the installation.
    map update language selection
  4. In the next window, select option 2, "Transmit Maps".
  5. Select the region map you want to install on the SD-card.
  6. Press the button "transmit to SD-card (MioMap/Maps)"
    SD card transfer maps selection
  7. When the message 'please make sure the device is connected to... click on OK. In case you are copying to an SD card, you do not need to attach your Mio device to the computer.
    transfer maps message
  8. In the next window, navigate to the SD-card reader of the PC and create a folder "MioMap" and a sub-folder "Maps". Use the button "Make new folder" to create the folders and rename a selected folder by pushing F2.
  9. Continue with "ok".
  10. A progress bar will show you the status of the transfer.
  11. A window with the message "the map has been updated successfully" will appear. Push on the"ok" button to complete the installation.

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Where can I find a manual for my Mio device?

A manual for your Mio device you can find on the website under the support section of this website. Click on manuals and select your device.

For every device you will find a manual about your device and if applicable also a manual for you MioMap software. Click here to go to the manual section of the support website.

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How can I reset my C710?

When your device is not working properly, you can reset it.

Always try a soft reset first (pos 4 on picture). This will only reset the software. To perform a soft reset, use a fine pointy object to push the little round button on the bottom of the device, between the earphones connector and USB port.

If the soft reset did not solve your problem, a hard reset (pos 5 on picture) might. It resets all software on the device. To perform a hard reset, put the off/on switch on the bottom of the device in the off position and wait for a moment. After that, put the switch back in the on position.

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Which Bluetooth wireless technology mobile phones are compatible with my Mio C510E or C710?

You can find the relevant compatibility lists on the product pages of the Mio C710 and the Mio C510E.

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How can I see the type of map coverage on my device? (MRE or full coverage)

 Instructions to see the map coverage of your device.

  1. In the MioMap v3 main menu, tap the settings button (top right corner of the screen).
  2. In the settings menu, tap the About button (lower right corner of the screen)
  3. In the About menu, tap the Maps button.
    You now see a list of all countries, installed on your device. For countries where only MRE coverage is available, you'll see (MRE) (i.e. Major Roads of Europe) behind the name of the country. All other countries have full coverage.

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Is TMC available in my country?

TMC is generally available for free across Europe.

In the UK, the service is not available for free.

In France, where the service is provided by V-Trafic, TMC is not available free of charge, but the licence fee is included in the device price (Mio C710) or the optional receiver price.

Both quality and frequency of the TMC messages may vary per country.

If you want more info on TMC please go to Morkins TMC page.

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 How do i change the map colors? (Schemes)

From the Map mode or Cockpit mode, tap on the MENU button, tap the HOUSE icon (in the lower right corner), and then tap the TOOLS icon (in the upper right corner). This will put you into SETTINGS mode. Tap the Tap on the ADVANCED button, and then the MAP OPTIONS button and then you can select the Daylight Color Profile or the Night Color Profile. You can then select any of the pre-defined color schemes. See also PNA Schemes.

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How to silence or restore the click sound in WinCE (desktop)

You will have to do a registry change using regedit.exe.

Look for the following line:

value = 0                means screen clicks are off.
value = 1                means a soft click.
value = 00010002     in hex is the loud click.

A registry editor can be found here:

Mobile Registry Editor is an application that can be used to edit the registry of your Pocket PC or Smartphone (Windows Mobile device). With it you can remotely edit the registry using your desktop keyboard and mouse as opposed to using your stylus/keypad on your PDA or phone. It's built as a Windows application which has been modeled after Regedit (with a few extra features such as favorites, value size, column sorting etc...)

It has been tested with my Pocket PC and Smartphone on Windows XP/2000 and requires the .NET Framework 1.1 to run.

New features in this version [1.1]
  • Create keys and values
  • Delete keys and values
  • Rename values (thanks Pavel)
  • Copy key name to clipboard
Download Version 1.1

Remark: Mio c310x Windows CE 4.2 has his own built-in regedit.

           Location: "\My Flash Disk\Utils\Regedit.exe"


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 Changing compressed BMP-files in Miomap and IGO.

As you might know it was not possible, until now, to open the compressed bitmaps in Miomap or IGO.

Thanks to FredLynx this has changed.  You can find this program here.

So far there are even 4 language packs available: French, English, Dutch and Danish.


Get it and start changing your bitmaps!!

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 Which SD cards are usable?

 (Table above provided by Mio US)


There are a lot of issues with 4gb cards. For best performance and full use of the 4gb format the 4gb sd cards FAT32!!  This does not mean that your card will work. Some cards are just incompatible with Mio devices. That's why i created this little topic.

Look below for cards (not) useable collected by me todate from input given by readers from this site. 

I have no means and no intentions to check if all the data provided by others are correct. I have to believe that the info is ok, unless proven otherwise. Therefore i will take no responsibility what so ever, if you bought a card which is not usable for your device. But if you don't get it working, please send me a mail or sign my guestbook and i will correct my list.


 Extra info from website readers on usable SD cards:

  • PQI 4GB SD (Hi-Speed 150 type TS4GSD150) on C510 / C710; thanks to v.t. from Finland.
  • Ridata 4GB Pro 150x (type SDCR4G) on C310/C510/C710
  • TOPRAM 150X HIGH SPEED 4GB SD CARD on C310/C510/C710 Model #: TRSD1504G
  • 4gb Patriot Signature SD card on C310
  • OCZ 4gig 150x SD on C310
  • PQI 2 gig 150x SD on C310
  • Transcend 2GB SD (Hi-Speed 150 type TS2GSD150) on C510 / C710 (my own card)
  • Transcend 4GB SD (Hi-Speed 150 type TS4GSD150) on C510 / C710 (my 2nd card)


 Unusable SD Cards on C310/C510/C710

  • All sd cards labelled as SDHC card.
  • All 8Gb sd cards todate.



 Card readers able to read / write 4Gb sd cards

  •  Card driver - Model no.: SG361A  (SD / MMC cards)



 Please mail me if you have a different type of card that works. I will then add it to the list! Don't forget to mention which device it's working on



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How to improve sound on Bluetooth handsfree function (C510E / C710 / C310)

Some people complain about the sound when spoken to through the Bluetooth connection.

On the bottom, to the right, position 6 in the picture, the very small hole is your microphone. In your PNA car holder  there is also a small hole on the same spot. When you click your Mio into the car holder the audibility for the people you talk to decreases considerably.

So what can be done about that?

Someone on the Dutch, alias jaspernl, had the brilliant idea to modify the microphone hole of the car holder and drill a bigger hole of approximately 4,0mm. (Original about 2,0mm). Mind you, we are talking about the car holder and not your Mio device.

The modification has been done by several people and the audibility has improved considerably.

I will take no responsibility if you do this and something goes wrong. But drilling a little hole is not rocket science. I did it myself also. There are also some pictures on the link below.

Credits: jaspernl


How to restore my missing "Track Options" button after Miomap update January 18th, 2007 for C510(E) / C710 and C310(x)?

The track options button has been removed by Mio in the latest update.

Why? It beats me, but if you want it back these are the 2 methods.

A] install another which already has the button. (see datazip skin page for instructions)

B] Hack into the "func_tracking_320_240.ui" file (see explanation below).


First of all download the file from your device through Mio Transfer Hack or ActiveSync.

1] Unzip your
2] Find func_tracking_320_240.ui in your directory ui_mio.
3a] On a C510 / C710 put a ";" before the line "runif vPNA 1 'btn_track_options.hide'" with an editor like notepad.

3b] On a C310(x) find this line and remove the word "hide" near the end:
<BUTTON uib_track_export x=133 y=200 text= " Export " bmp= " btn_bott65.bmp#3 " align= " CENTER " fontsize=12 w=58 valign= " CENTER+5 " fonttype=buttonlabel1 onrelease=' TRACKING_EXPORT lb_tracks' hide>

4] save the file.
5] re-zip your data file back to
6] copy back to your device.

Your button should now be back again.





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