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What are POIs?

POI stands literally for Point Of Interest, a specific location that someone may find useful or interesting.

An example is a point on the Earth representing the location of the Eifeltower or a gas station along the highway. In GPS terms these points are also called waypoints. 




How to view certain POI's in MioMap V3 ?

When navigating you might find it interesting to view certain POI's around your route. Examples of POI's you can make visible are petrol stations, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, ... You can actually choose yourself which POI categories you want to view.

Poi's on MioMap V3


  1. Starting from cockpit or map view, select menu (note that the location of buttons may vary from device to device).
  2. Click on the Quick Tab button
    the Quick Tab button on MioMap V3
  3. Select 'Manage POI'.
  4. Double click on the category of which you want to view a POI subcategory.
    If you want to view all POIs of a certain category then select the category and click on the 'Show' button. Remember that MioMap contains a lot of POIs so this could lead to a too crowded map.

    Remark on colouring:

    • groups shown in grey are hidden
    • groups shown in blue are visible
    • groups shown in two colours have some of their subcategories shown and some others hidden.
    Coloring of POI groups in MioMap V3
  5. Select a POI subcategory (the category will be indicated in orange) and click on the 'Show' button.
  6. Repeat this for all categories/subcategories you want to view.
  7. The selected POI categories are indicated in cockpit and map view by a blue icon.


How to add more than 2 Favorites by using My POIs

For quick access MIO has reserved only 2 icons for favorites, most likely to be used for your home location and work location.

What if you need more, which is not very unlikely? There is a way around this mishap.

More favorites can be added as a custom 'POI' list or lists.


  • Access the menu from the map screen by pushing the menu button on the bottom left corner.
  • Click the  the Quick Tab button on MioMap V3  "cog wheel" button (second from the left from the buttons at the bottom). 
  • Click 'Manage POI'. here you can set which POIs to show or hide on the map along with manage your custom points.
  • Click on 'My POI'. You can now add your group folders.
  • Press 'NEW' to add your group. Type a name of your liking, like "My family" or "Trips" or "Friends" for your group and press done.
  • You can make more groups by repeating these steps. When done go back to the map view.
  • You are ready to add custom entries to your newly created group(s).
  • Add favorites to your group(s) by clicking somewhere on your map screen or by typing in an address.
  • If you chose to add a POI by clicking on a location on your map, you will see a popup menu. Press "Add POI" and type in the label for your POI.
  • You now have the options to assign an icon or group to your POI.



How to create your own POI's

A POI can only be added starting from Map view.

  1. Open map view and zoom to the area where you want to create a POI. You can do this by using the combination: clicking on the screen and panning across the screen and the zoom in/out buttons.
  2. Click on the screen in the exact location where you want to create a POI. In case you want an exact address, first select menu and enter an address.
  3. In the pop up window that appears select 'Add POI'. In case you click in the neighbourhoud of an existing POI you will see the button 'POI.' Click on this button followed by clicking on the button 'New'.
  4. Enter a name for the POI you want to add and click on Done.
  5. In the next window you can choose an icon for your POI. The last selected icon is automatically linked to your POI.
  6. You can also select a group in which you want to place the POI (or create a new group)
  7. Click on the back button and you will see that your POI is now visible.


How can I create a multi-point route with MioMap v3?

Multi-point routes can be created after you have established a single route. Add points to the single route by using the ‘Add Via’ and ‘Continue’ buttons. The ‘Route To’ button is for starting a new route only. For a single route you tap this when the destination is selected.
A route can easily be changed or optimised via the Edit route function. Click here to view a TopTip over this functionality.

Entering destinations successively by tapping 'Route To' will not create a multi-point route. Applying ‘Route To’ again will delete all previous destinations and will only keep the very last one entered, without further warning. Only if you already had entered a multi-point route, MioMap will warn you before deleting the route.


How to save my current position (e.g. finding back your parked car easily)

You can very conveniently save your current position as a POI (Point Of Interest).

In the map view, tap on the location you wish to save. Then tap the button on the bottom right of the screen 'Add POI'.

add current position

Enter the name you want to give the POI. You can now attribute the POI the a group of POI's of your choice, and attribute an icon to it. To add new groups of POI's, please consult the user manual of MioMap V3. This manual can be found on the website under support/manuals.

add current position

To use the location you have saved, select POI from the main menu and choose the POI you want from the list in the group of your choice under 'My POI'.



 How can i navigate to one of my own created POIs?

  1. In the main menu, select 'POI'.
  2. Select the category 'My POI'.
  3. Select the subcategory (or click on the button 'All' or 'Search' in case you do not know in which subcategory your POI is in).
  4. Click on the POI you want to navigate to.
  5. Click on OK
  6. The route will automatically be calculated.



Changing POI icons in your POI menus




 You can of course change your POI icons in the menu as on the navigation map by replacing the poi26x26_tc.bmp, poi50x50.bmp, poi6x6.bmp and poi26x26.bmp in your data.zip\gfx, data.zip\gfx\day and data.zip\gfx\night directories.


How to edit visibility distance of POIs

  • In cockpit / map mode press menu button
  • press cog wheel at the bottom
  • press "Manage POI "
  • Choose POI Group
  • Press "Edit" on bottom of screen to edit POI Group
  • Change "Visible at" option from 100m - 1km - 10 km
  • Exit by pushing left arrow on top left.


IGO POI Explorer

iGO POI Explorer makes it possible to manage the POI iGO base (and also MyGuide iGO and MioMap3) while maintaining the functions of synchronization (connection through activesync), restoration and backup.

Pay attention that this is still a beta version. In particular the accentuated characters are lost during POI import. 



  • import of the following POI formats (kml, xml, kmz, gpx, csv, asc, txt)
  • POIs synchronysation from PC to device.
  • export POI (towards device).
  • creation, modification, suppression of categories.
  • creation, modification, removal of POI (name, description, co-ordinates, altitude, icon).
  • insert POIs into google earth.
  • safeguard tracks.
  • backup and restoration of the POI base.

    For the synchro, there is currently a constraint the base iGO.db must be in the file \ My Documents \ IGO 2006.
  • Synchronisation with the database can be done automatically.

















You can use drag and drop functions in the menu.

It is possible to modify synchronization:

Editing POIs:




A menu with all of the info stored for a POI:

Integrating a POI (or several) in google earth

POI import:

Creating a category (folder):

Save tracks, backup & restore:


Tele Atlas Premium POIs






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