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Speedcam warnings in Austria and Germany


Another sad message for the Mio speedcam warning system has arrived. Two more countries have joined the speedcam ban after Switzerland. See the official message from Mio below.

Dear client,

Due to legal restrictions concerning speedcam warnings in Germany and Austria, Mio Technology has decided to remove all speedcams located in Germany and Austria from the speedcam database. From now on, it is no longer possible to download speedcam warnings in Germany and Austria.


Mio Technology Europe


New Tele Atlas maps 2007.01 have arrived


Finally, the long-awaited map updates for Western Europe have arrived. For details look on the

 Available Miomap & IGO maps page. The data on these maps are from my new Mio device. 

Availability of the long awaited Tele Atlas maps 2007 

It looks likes the Map update of Tele Atlas 2007 will become available very soon. This can be read in Mio's E-Shop when you try to purchase new maps:

New map data (Tele Atlas 2007) will become available soon. In the meantime no map data can be ordered via our e-shop.

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Update on new Mio devices 

C520 = No TMC

C520t = TMC

C320 = No TMC / No Bluetooth


Widescreen view of the world

The Mio C520 / C520t / C320 is based around its 4.3" widescreen. The new screen size makes this new device easier to use than ever.


Split-screen intelligence at your fingertips

The Mio . makes intelligent use of its widescreen. The screen enables you to see the full map view and a selection of route information aside from it.

It means that you can easily identify route information, such as points of interest, without quitting the navigation function.

You can choose the information to display:

  • Your next four manoeuvres
  • Local Points of Interest
  • Speed camera locations
  • Route and timing data

This unique 'multi-tasking' is one of the main advantages of Mio's new MioMap v3.3 interface.


Hands-free calling with Bluetooth® wireless technology

Use the C520 / C520t for hands-free calling when combined with a Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled mobile phone.

Together with a Bluetooth® wireless technology mobile phone, the C520 allows you to keep your hands safely on the wheel whenever you're on the phone. It automatically switches from navigation to phone mode every time you receive a call.

Mio can take you to 22 countries

Mio can take you to 22 countries

With Mio at your side you'll have the confidence to travel further to discover new places. All Mio navigation devices include Tele Atlas maps of 22 countries, with instructions in 16 languages.

There is no need to key in journey stages to cross borders, simply plan your route in advance and let Mio take you there.

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, San-Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican City

For more information about maps and coverage, click here

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Safety camera warnings free for 1 year

For your safety and peace of mind, the new Mio range tells you the likely locations of fixed safety cameras and mobile traps.*

Each product includes free safety camera updates from our website for a full year from the time you register.

You can choose to receive warnings by audio or visually on screen. The split screen can be set to display a list of potential locations on your route.

You can also add a location yourself: just tap the screen and enter the location's details.

*Only when allowed by law. Mio Technology is not responsible for errors or missing locations.


Essential local knowledge with Points Of Interest

It's hard to beat the feeling of being in-control wherever you go.

Mio gives you this with comprehensive built-in local Points of Interest: restaurants, petrol stations, hospitals,.

You can lookup locations by a range of useful categories. With the split-screen display you'll always know where to find the nearest petrol stations or parking, cash machines or supermarkets, hotels or restaurants.

Many listings include phone numbers so you can call ahead and make a reservation.


Up and running in seconds with fast, accurate positioning form SiRFstarIII GPS technology

The latest SiRFstar III GPS receiver picks up satellite signals faster and holds them better - which means you can get on the road quicker.

The highly sensitive SiRFstar III GPS chipset can receive signals from up to 20 satellites for extremely accurate positioning, even in the centre of a city or the middle of the countryside.

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Detachable power cradle C520 / C520t

The cradle doesn't just hold the device, if you connect the power cable to it, it will also charge the battery while you drive.

Combined with the dual windshield mount, the cradle forms a very solid device holder, preventing vibrations.


MP3-player and photo-viewer

When you're not navigating, you can use it to listen to your favourite music or to have a look through your latest photos.

The C520 / C520t / C320 is a navigation device, but it also offers a lot more than that. The SD/MMC memory card slot expansion slot means you can play all your stored music and look at your favourite snaps - or show them to other people.

Mio C520t specifications
    • 1.Power on/off button
    • 2.USB
    • 3.SD/MMC Memory Slot
    • 4.Headphone Jack
    • 5.External Antenna Connector
    • 6.Speaker

C520 / C520t - Specifications


CPU 400Mhz
GPS Chipset SiRF GPS III module built-in (20 channels)
TMC Yes, with cradle (only C520t)
Memory / ROM 1GB
Memory / RAM 64 MB SDRAM
Memory Slot SD/MMC
Display Type 4.3" Color Transflective LCD With Touch Panel
Display Resolution 480 x 272
Display Orientation Landscape
Battery Built-in Lithium battery cell
Battery Capacity 1300mAh
Micprophone Yes
Speaker Built-in loud speaker (1 Watt)
Depth 14.5mm~19.9mm
Width 126mm
Height 81 mm
Weight 190 g


Operating System Microsoft Windows# CE .Net 5.0
Navigation Software MioMap v3.3
Picture Viewer Yes
Audio Player Yes
Calculator Yes
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Mio C220 specifications
    • 1.GPS antenna
    • 2.Power Button
    • 3.Touch Screen
    • 4.SD/MMC card slot
    • 5.Headphone jack

C220 - Specifications


CPU Samsung 2440 - 400Mhz
GPS Chipset SiRFStarIII
TMC Optional
Memory / ROM 256 MB
Memory / RAM 32 MB
Memory Slot SD/MMC
Display Type Touchscreen, 3.5", 65K colors, Transflective LCD, LED backlighting
Display Resolution 320x240
Display Orientation Landscape
Battery Un-swappable rechargeable Lithium battery cell
Battery Capacity 1200mAh
Battery Life 4.5 hours (backlight on middle range & GPS on full power)
Speaker Built-in
Earphone Jack 3.5 mm jack
Depth 108 mm
Width 81 mm
Height 24 mm
Weight 110 g


Operating System Microsoft Windows CE v5.0
Navigation Software

MioMap V3.3



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Mio Update back online


Mio update is back online and working again.

Miomap will be updated to v3.2 dated March 1st, 2007.  It looks like Mio has updated the TMC data, some language and voice data and other minor stuff.

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IGO at Cebit  15-21 March 2007

CeBIT 2007, Hannover

At CeBIT 2007 we introduce our latest developments on navigation and mobil applications solutions.
Just a little taste of our newest supplies:

NavNGo iGO 8 - Navigation at a high standard level

Excellent 3D view

The graphics in the maps of NavNGo iGO are under constant development. Our software engineers have made significant progress in 3D rendering, so now our maps include shaded topographic elements and building models to provide an even more realistic view.
We expect to have our navigation software display satellite images and aerial photos in the near future

A completely redesigned user interface  

NavNGo iGO has received a brand new user interface. Not only is it more attractive and fashionable, but it also has separate Basic and Expert modes. Basic is for beginners and even those with no technical knowledge can use it easily. The Expert mode, however, can satisfy even the most expert users with full customization and several colour schemes.

Advanced POI management

The advanced POI management of NavNGo iGO allows map data to be complemented with media materials. This offers unique opportunities, ranging from advertising to customized content services. Another fantastic improvement is that the software can now look for POIs along the planned route and even show how big a detour the selected destination means and how far it is. It even indicates entry and exit points for POIs with multiple access routes.

NavNGo Limousine

NavNGo Limousine is the special version of the popular NavNGo iGO GPS navigation software which can be built into cars. With this program you can enjoy the advantages of satellite-supported navigation on a large display which is built right into your dashboard.
The look of the NavNGo Limousine solution differs from the PDA version since the basic system consists of a computer without a display, a GPS receiver and some cables. The touchscreen is replaced by a remote control. The advantage of NavNGo Limousine is that it can be built into the dashboard easily and it works with all screens with an audio-video input regardless of whether they were original or built in later.


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General remarks / thoughts on problems updating your device through Miomap Updater


Lately i hear  and read that a lot of people are having problems updating their Mio device through Miomap Updater V3. Up to the beginning of February ther were lesser problems. I, myself had no problem in updating my C710 to V3.2 dated 18-01-2007.

So what's going on?

It seems that the problem lays mainly with Mio itself.  When you look at their update site you will notice that a couple of files, to be precisely, miomap.exe, and Greece.fbl has been excluded from downloading through the updater by adding "-bak" behind them. So it looks like Mio blocked them on purpose without notifying its customers.

So why does Mio block these files?

This is their explanation:

"Due to problems with the tmc version in software V3.2 we have removed the application update, maps and languages will still be updated. The application update will be put back as soon as the tmc settings are added".

So as you can see you are still able to update your maps, voices and languages, but not the rest. It would be nice for the customers if Mio would put an official statement on their site, so that people who want to update are not getting frustrated from not being able to update to version 3.2 dated 18-01-2007.

My advice to everyone is not to update until the problems are really solved by Mio and hopefully let us know when they do. 

As soon as i hear something more about this matter i will inform you on this page.
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 Miomap Updater for PDA available


Please note that the MioMap updater tool is now also available for PDA:

Users can login to the MioClub on our website and update their device. The update brings MioMap v3.0 and v3.1 to MioMap v3.2 and includes new languages and voices, map data bug fixes and improvements to the software in general.
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New Mio forum


Robinh aka Chromenut has changed his Mio site to a Mio forum.

It's called

I have to say that like it very much. Feel free to check it out.

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Mio has fixed the speedcam update for C250 owners


Good news for all C250 owners.

Mio finally managed to fix the speedcam update tool.

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Help IGO testing voices in your own language 


Anyone who likes improved voice quality on IGO / MIO navigation can now join their test program.

I advise everyone to participate so that everyone can benefit from more natural and grammatically correct voices in their own language.

IGO voice test
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Why can't I see any speedcams in Switzerland?


Due to legal restrictions concerning speedcam warnings in Switzerland, Mio Technology has decided to remove all speedcams located in Switzerland from the speedcam database. From now on, it is no longer possible to download speedcam warnings in Switzerland.

Remark: speedcams can only be used in combination with MioMap v3.


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New Mio PNA C520


 Mio has announced the full-featured Mio C520 portable navigation device. Unlike the C250, the C520 goes beyond turn-by-turn driving directions with integrated Bluetooth for hands-free calling and advanced multimedia capabilities.

The stylish device also has a large, 4.3-inch touch screen and a new, useful split-screen view, which presents your current location and a map on one side and allows you to get route information, upcoming points of interest, and address lookup on the other side.

All maps are preloaded on the device, and there is an expansion slot built into the device. Unfortunately, there is no text-to-speech functionality, but for what you get, we think the $449 price tag is great.

Date of issue: the end of Q1 2007.

                   map screen                                                 split screen










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 Swiss Government forbids all GPS navigational systems with speed warning!


The governmental department ASTRA has forbidden any use of Navigational systems with speed warnings on Swiss roads. When caught with an active device about Swiss speedtraps the device will be seized and might even be destroyed. Then last but not least you risk a hefty fine.

So people you are warned not to use your device at all in Switzerland or at least delete the Swiss speedtrap warnings before entering Swiss territory.

Where is this world coming to!! I hope this will not become a hype in other European countries besides Switzerland and Germany, although Germany is not very strict about it.

You can read the news about this at the following link:

ASTRA - Verbotene Radarwarngeräte auf GPS-Basis

Mind you, it is only available in German language!

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Mio H610


                                               1. LED Indicator
                                               2. User-Changeable Bezel
                                               3. Touch Screen
                                               4. Key Lock
                                               5. Reset Pinhole
                                               6. SD/MMC Card Slot
                                               7. Power on/off
                                               8. Bezel Release Button
                                               9. Mini-USB Connector
                                             10. Neck Strap Hole
                                             11. Headphone Jack
                                             12. User-Defined Key
                                             13. Speaker
                                             14. Car Antenna Connector



H610 Specifications




GPS Chipset



External, Optional

GSM Module


Memory / ROM

2 GB

Memory / RAM

64 MB

Memory Slot


Display Type

Touchscreen, 2.7" color Resistive LCD, LED Backlighting, 65K colors

Display Resolution


Display Orientation



Embedded Lithium lon Battery

Battery Capacity


Battery Life

app. 4.5 hours with active GPS antenna

Bluetooth Technology




Infrared Port



USB 1.1







Earphone Jack

3.5 mm jack


22 mm


60 mm


87 mm


166 gr



Operating System

Microsoft WindowsT CE .Net 4.2 Core version

Navigation Software

MioMap V3

Wireless Management


Video Player


Picture Viewer


Audio Player


Microsoft Office Mobile






Contacts Synchronization




Other Preinstalled Software












TravelkitGames: Fireball, GameBox Gems, Flux Challenge and Plumin' Frenzy



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Mio C810 car navigation with integrated DVB TV receiver


TV and GPS in one

With an integrated DVB TV receiver, C810 is a combined entertainment system and advanced car navigation system. It comes with an expandable flash memory slot and a full range of accessories.


    • 1. Speaker 
    • 2. Reset 
    • 3. Earphone Jack 
    • 4. Mini-USB Connector 
    • 5. Power Connector 
    • 6. LED Indicator 
    • 7. Telescope TV Antenna 
    • 8. Power button 
    • 9. TV/GPS Function Switch 
    • 10. Mute Button 
    • 11. SD/MMC Memory Slot 
    • 12. External GPS Antenna Connector 
    • 13. Table Stand Leg

C810 Specifications


CPU Intel PXA270-520MHz
GPS Chipset 20-channel SiRFstarIII
Networks N/A
Memory / ROM 32 MB
Memory / RAM 64 MB
Memory / HDD N/A
Memory Slot SD/MMC (Compatible)
Color Display 4.3" TFT with Touchscreen
Resolution 480 x 272 Pixels (WQVGA)
Display Orientation Landscape
Battery Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Battery Capacity 2000 mAh
Battery Life TV 3.5Hrs / GPS 5.5Hrs
Bluetooth Technology N/A
Wi-Fi N/A
Infrared Port N/A
USB Yes (V1.1)
Camera N/A
Microphone N/A
Speaker Yes
Earphone Jack Yes (3.5mm)
Depth 16.7 mm (0.66")
Width 84.4 mm (3.32")
Height 152.4 mm (6")
Weight (grams and ounces needed) 280 g (9.87 oz)


Operating System Windows CE .NET 4.2
Navigation Software Depends on region
Video Player Yes
Picture Viewer Yes
Audio Player Yes
Microsoft Office Mobile N/A
Calculator N/A
Calendar N/A
Contacts Synchronization N/A
Other Preinstalled Software Depends on region


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This warning was taken from the Mio site on January 15th, 2007. If something changes you will be informed here.

Problems with MioSync on a Mio C250

Due to a technical problem, owners of a C250 cannot yet update their speedcams. The problem will be solved soon. The best solution is to not yet activate your speedcam functionality on this page. Owners of a C250 who activated their speedcam account allready will get a new one year subscription to the speedcams from the moment the problem is solved.

Problems with the Update Tool on a Mio C250

Owners of a Mio C250 can not yet update with the Update Tool. We are currently solving this problem and registered users will receive an email when the problem is solved.


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New Mio PNA C250

 January 10th, 2007

    • 1. ON/OFF button
    • 2. USB
    • 3. SD/MMC-slot
    • 4. External Antenna Connector
    • 5. Headphone Jack
    • 6. Speaker

M_product_Specifications C250


CPU Samsung 2440 - 400Mhz
GPS Chipset SiRFStarIII
TMC External
Memory / ROM 256MB / 512MB (France)
Memory / RAM 32 MB
Memory Slot SD/MMC
Display Type Touchscreen, 3.5" color micro - Transflective LCD, LED Backlighting, 65K colors
Display Resolution 320x240
Display Orientation Landscape
Battery Un-swappable rechargeable Lithium battery cell
Battery Capacity 1200mAh
Battery Life 4.5 hours (backlight on middle range & GPS on full power)
Speaker Built-in
Earphone Jack 3.5 mm jack
Depth 108mm
Width 81mm
Height 24mm
Weight 110 g


Operating System Microsoft Windows CE v5.0
Navigation Software MioMap v3
Audio Player Mp3 player v 1.0


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Mio PNA C310x


Easy to Use

Larger icons with a brighter display with a user-friendly touch screen make it easier to set your destination. 1, 2, Go!

Mio269 Side view


Built-in Audio Player
The integrated MP3 player plays music or audio books transferred from your computer for entertainment or education on the road.

Mio269 Side view


Preloaded Points of Interest
Easily locate restaurants, hotels, gas stations and more.

Mio269 Side view


Voice Guidance and Choice of Languages
Clear voice instructions and user-friendly menus in 16 languages, including English, French and Spanish.

Mio269 Side view


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Function Specification
GPS 20 channel SiRFstarIII
Display 3.5" anti-glare TFT touchscreen/65k colors/QVGA 320x240 pixels/landscape orientation
Media Slot SD/MMC card
Ports Mini USB v1.1
Audio Built-in speaker/3.5mm headphone mini-jack(stereo)
Dimensions 110x70x20mm (4.33" x 2.76" x 0.79")
Weight 170g (6oz)

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