IGO My Way 2006 Plus (PNA)



Impressions of IGO My Way 2006 Plus for PNA (PDA) and some appropriate Skins

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This topic is about the new IGO release of IGO My Way 2006 Plus.

The program actually looks alot like Miomap v3.2 and now includes some new features:

  • proper TMC support
  • tunnel mode
  • safety cameras
  • smart keyboard
  • smarter address search
  • better address book and telephone functions
  • expanded route planning
  • better storage of routes travelled
  • better smart zoom
  • car pool lane function (only usable in the US)


So if your not completely satisfied with Miomap v3.2 you might try and buy this one. The big advantage is that you don't have to experience a completely unfamiliar look and layout. This may of course also be considered a disadvantage.

But then is it worth exchanging Miomap for IGO May Way? Only you can answer this for yourselves.

 Overview of new and updated features

The iGO My way 2006 Plus update package can be downloaded free at i-go.com after a simple registration process. For users without Internet access, authorized iGO My way dealers will be happy to perform the update for a nominal fee.

NavNGo has always emphasized providing its long-term iGO My way customers with a higher level of service. Since the product was first introduced we have provided numerous free new maps and updates. The newest version of iGO My way – iGO 8 – will appear in the summer of 2007. It will be available to current customers, though this update will not be free of charge.

Updated Maps
iGO My way 2006 Plus update package presents a revised, detailed, street-level map of Croatia, as well as new roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Earlier maps have also been modified, so the new versions are well worth downloading. Upgrading is also recommended because some of the new functions will only work with the new maps.

New User Interface
The iGO My way user interface has a new look too. The old gray buttons are blue now, giving the software a more appealing, younger look. The color of the center button in the main menu now indicates GPS signal strength. Red means no signal, yellow means the device is fixing onto a GPS broadcast, and green means you’re good to go!

Technical Innovations
The usefulness of iGO My way has been increased not only by the new maps, but also by innovative solutions that make navigation even more trouble-free:


TMC – Traffic Message Channel
TMC is a traffic information channel that we are continuously developing: it offers free traffic information in most countries by data transmissions over radio frequencies. The GPS unit of the TMC receiver transcribes the encoded signals. All anticipated traffic events on the relevant sections of road then appear on the map. In other words, with the help of TMC you are informed of accidents, road works and other changes that affect traffic in time to avoid them.

The latest iGO My way update supports TMC, so if the user has a TMC receiver or a GPS unit with a TMC antenna, the traffic information system is usable free of charge. TMC is presently available in most of western Europe, including Austria, Andorra, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden.

Tunnel Mode
This new iGO My way function allows the program to continue navigating even when the GPS signal is lost, by using the last recorded speed and the planned route, until the next manoeuvre. So in tunnels or among tall buildings, the software will pinpoint your position even if the GPS unit loses the signal for several seconds.

Safety Cameras                                                                                                                 Thanks to this new iGO My way function, you can be informed in advance of the most recently installed cameras that measure your speed and detect the jumping of red lights. Our software’s database includes the locations of 18,000 fixed speed cameras available for free download using our POI-Warner Speed Camera updater. A further 23,000 mobile camera points, together with regular updates, may be purchased at www.speedcamupdate.com. On approaching the speed cameras, iGO My way gives an audio warning and indicates the location of the device to let you slow down in plenty of time.

Address book and Telephone functions
People who use the address book function in their PDA or a pocket PC that has telephone functionality will be glad to see this. This iGO My way update automatically imports the contents of the address book to your personal POIs, letting you see your contacts’ location on the map. This makes entering destinations easier, since all you have to do is click on the names of people or businesses stored in the list. Every contact can be stored with three different addresses (Home, Business, and Other). Another useful feature: you can call the numbers stored with the POIs directly from iGO My way, even while navigating.*
*With supported phones.


Smart Keyboard
A useful innovation: when searching for addresses with the keyboard, only keys for possible next letters are active. The others are inactive and grayed out.




Smarter Address Searching
This is another feature that speeds up address searches: when you enter the number of a street address, the list of popular street names is filtered. This is useful when searching for a street name that appears more than once in a city, in different parts of town. On the new iGO My way, the only addresses that come up on the list are those where the number entered actually exists.

Expanded Route Planning
Thanks to a few modifications, iGO My way plans routes even faster than before. Now it even takes into account that trucks and buses make slower progress: in such vehicles, it calculates based on a slower speed and on different routes than for automobiles. This makes the estimated travel time even more accurate.

Storage of Routes Traveled
For greater convenience, the order in which traveled routes are stored has been reversed, with the most recent at the top of the list.

Smart Zoom
With this updated version of iGO My way, the road ahead of you always appears from the best possible angle, because as you approach a point, the map switches to 3D view, and as you move away, it gradually reverts to 2D. This makes browsing the map simpler and faster.


Automatic GPS Configuration
Configuration of a PDA is easier now too, because you don’t have to enter any GPS parameters by hand. The updated iGO My way automatically finds optimal settings for the given hardware. All you have to do is start the program and the device picks up the satellites within a couple of minutes.


Even More Supported Hardware
iGO My way 2006 Plus works flawlessly on every hardware device that it was previously compatible with, but this update makes it compatible with even more devices. A list of supported devices can be found on the i-go.com website.

More Precise Voice Commands
iGO My way gives precise audio information in every traffic situation. The distinction between sharp curves and narrow ones is more distinct, as is guidance in following the main route. You can rely on audio information easily, saving you the need to keep glancing at the screen.

Carpool Lane
Although this function is only usable in the United States, it is still part of the iGO My way update. Like a bus lane, the carpool lane is a traffic-reduction solution: only cars with two or more passengers can use the indicated lane. Its purpose is to reduce the traffic flow on busy stretches of roadway. Of course these are many more useful functions included with iGO My way 2006 Plus, so you will definitely want to update your older software. Download it free now at i-go.com, or visit your official iGO My way reseller who will perform the update for a small fee.


My Way 2006 Plus picture impression








By showing you these pictures the website owners in no way encourage you to acquire illegal software. This content is shown to you for information purposes only.  The developers have put alot of time and efforts into it, so that you can use this marvellous piece of software. 

If you like this software, buy it.

People who already own an original version of IGO 2006 can, after registration, download this update for free on http://www.i-go.com/en/update/ .




How to share maps between Miomap and Igo My Way 2006 Plus

To make that IGO read the maps of Mio you'll have to use a registry editor like Registry WorkShop which can e.g. be downloaded here or any other you like.

After installation of your registry editor connect your device with your PC through ActiveSync, open Registry Workshop , and then click on FILE-> CONNECT MOBILE DEVICE REGISTRY.

Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->iGO 2006, right click in the right windows pane and add a string value with the name "MapDir", right click again in the right windows pane and select Modify and put in the value \storage Card\MioMap\maps or \My flash disk\miomap\miomap\maps. Depending on where you stored your maps.

Cool Restart your device and you should now be  able to see your Mio maps on your IGO as well. Cool



Other possible registry data 

"userdata"="\My Documents\iGO 2006\iGO.db"
"language"="dutch NE"

“InstallDir " =” \ Program Files \ iGO 2006”
“InstlDir " =” \ Program Files \ iGO 2006”
“Instl " =dword: 00000001

"licensedb"="\Storage Card\xxxx\license.db"
"defuserdata"="\Storage Card\xxxx\license.db " 
"VoiceDir"="\Storage Card\xxxx\Voice"
"LangDir"="\Storage Card\xxxx\Lang"



 Skins (only IGO 2006+)

Installation Instructions:

- Ensure your data.zip is the original Igo 2006+ one (about 1.7 Megabytes)
- Make a subdirectory in your igo install directory called 'skin'
- Make sure that you put the following into the 'skin' directory:

A skin zip (only choose one skin)
+ (optionally) button patch (only choose one of the button patches)
+ (optionally) speedcam.zip
+ (optionally) quiet speedcams

Remember that there can be only one zip file running at a time.
So, if you copy both files in there rename one from .zip to e.g. bak.
If you want to try the .bak, rename it to zip again and don't forget to rename the one you used before also in .bak.



     RIKS skin version v4.4i










      AndySkin 8 Green version