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All manufacturer's names, logos, and/or images and even some of the phrases are used without their written permission, except for some we were able to contact. We have no intention whatsoever to breach any copyrights, just provide as much as information as possible on the subject of Mio Digiwalker and its software. All copyrights are acknowledged to their respective owners. 

 All the information on this website is provided 'as is' and for informational purposes only.

 We try to provide all visitors of this site with information as accurate as possible, but not all of the information has been and can be tested simply because we do not own all of the software and hardware described here. Neither do we take responsibility for the improper use of information given here.

 Any alteration of your device done with one or more of the directions and guidance given here are completely for the responsibility of the device owner. The site owner(s) are in no event whatsoever liable for any consequential, incidental or direct damages suffered in the course of using the information in this website.

 Some of the information given in this website might affect license agreements and may contain restrictions on use. Your GPS device might get damaged when trying some of the directions and guides, some of these can violate your warranty.

 We do not encourage or talk in any way on the use of illegal software. Any conversation  on illegal activities in the Guestbook or Morkin's DigiChatboard will be blocked immediately and be met with one warning and registration of the ip address. The next violation will result in a ban.  All software discussed here is either provided with your unit and therefore paid for, or shareware, cardware or freeware available on the World Wide Web.

If you, for any reason, do not agree with this disclaimer, we suggest that you leave this site and search for information elsewhere. Otherwise, feel free to return to Morkins Mio Digiwalker Index and enjoy the site.


The owner(s) of this site would like to thank all its visitors

for their contributions and kind words and wishes everyone in whole wide world,

happy travelling and not ever getting lost again thanks to the great Mio devices.



 Morkin's Mio Digiwalker Rules for the Guestbook and the DigiChatboard

 In this day and age it is unfortunately necessary to display ground rules. Some people do need boundaries for matters, which i and many of you consider to be common sense, like treating other people with respect and dignity.

Anyway, these are the rules:

  • Do not offend other visitors in any way, like discrimination, racist remarks, calling names and swearing.
  • No spamming whatsoever, advertisement may only be done with the written consent of the website owner(s).
  • References to pornography, sex sites and child pornography are strictly forbidden.
  • Discussions or referrals to illegal software are not allowed under any circumstances. Repeat offenders will be banned.
  • Names, homepages, e-mail adresses and ip addresses of visitors are monitored for one purpose only. To protect you and the owners of this site and to be able to take appropriate actions against people who do not follow these rules.


Personal data will be not be used for commercial purposes nor given or sold to third parties, except for offenders who's data will be forwarded to the proper channels. 


This said, i wish everyone a pleasant and fruitfull stay on my site and hope that we all will learn and benefit from eachother's knowledge and bright ideas.


Happy travelling to all you Mio users,