Morkin's Online DigiChatBoard

Here you can chat and help eachother if you get stuck with tuning your device or just want to talk about Mio news, devices and software .

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Morkin's online Digi Chatboard

This is my new tagboard where you can post messages or chat with each other online. I have installed this board to intensify the interaction between all you visitors. The knowledge you share together should be enormous. Of course i will be on the sideline to monitor everything and, yes, to answer questions as well. But what i really hope is that you yourselves will help eachother out, so i that i will get some more sleep and time with my family, ha,ha,ha!                          

Some small rules to observe:

  • do not post illegal links or discuss illegal stuff here.
  • only discussions related to Mio devices are allowed. No spamming, porn or advertisements.
  • swearing, using inappropriate language,insulting eachother and racists remarks are not allowed. 
  • questions or remarks must be posted in English. This way the majority of our readers can also understand it.



While using the Chatboard your IP is being recorded!!

IP recording is done for your protection and to maintain the integrity of this site. Your IP will not be used for any other purpose. 

Not following the rules will get you banned immediately. This DigiChatboard is a testcase. If this kicks in and gets popular enough i will consider making this a fixed site enhancement with more features. 

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