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All about replacing or changing your skins in the file

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General info / Preparation

This page helps you to enhance the looks and options of your Mio C510(E) / C710 and C210.

This is mostly done by altering the file in your /miomap/miomap/ directory. It is also possible to remove unused voices or languages or add new ones.

Remember as a first rule to always make a backup of the file(s) you wish to change or delete. I will take no responsibility if something goes wrong. Changing your device is completely your own responsibility!!  

Changes in your Mio software are always done either by bluetooth or by Mio Transfer through USB connection. First install the usb drivers located on your Mio dvd on your pc.

I do not advise to make use of the bluetooth connection, unless you have no means at all to use usb. It is a very slow connection. The easiest and quickest way is to use Mio Transfer.

Install Mio Transfer on your PC. It is on your DVD. Then copy mio transfer hack.exe into the install directory. Now you are all set.

Download Mio Transfer Hack

Turn your device on before connecting to your pc through the usb cable.


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Installing another skin is pretty straightforward. Backup your original, which is located in the directory \miomap\miomap on your internal flash card or sd card through your sd slot. Then delete or overwrite the original by one of many found on the internet.

  Here are some examples:




       Bleu Lynx 4.1   (Skin made by FredLynx)



 DroudiWoody update 23-01-2007

(skin made by Petitdroud)



DroudiBlue update 23-01-2007  

(skin made by Petitdroud)

The downloads:
DroudiWoody :

DroudiBlue :

If you are interested more skins like the ones above, please follow the next link: gpspassion french skins


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Startup screen

Extract file to your pc. Replace the loading.jpg and /or loadingC710(510).jpg in ui_mio\mio folder with the one you like. If necessary backup the original jpg's first. Zip the data file again and recplace the data file on the sd card  / flash disk with the new file.

You can make them yourself. The format has to be 320x240. But ofcourse there are plenty of screens available on the net for the taking.  

Just one remark: these pictures are not made by me. So if someone who ones one or more of these pictures objects to this display, please send me an e-mail and i will delete it / them from this site or append your name under the picture(s).

Some examples:












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Counter Online Singles Dating
                   Online SinglesDating



Little program to find a string quickly in several UI-files simultaneously:



Download all Scheme files:


Links to RGB color schemes:

RGB Colors

Morkins HEX Color Chart




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