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     Foreword / Introduction

To start with this site is not authorized by, approved by, or has any relation with

Mitac Mio, I-GO or TeleAtlas, but their work is recognized and highly appreciated.



This site was initiated on January 4th, 2007 and covers a variety of topics on Mio Digiwalker  soft- and hardware, especially Miomap v3.2 and higher and of course my PNA C710E.

Every effort has been made to help you on your way in understanding your Mio device and if need be, tune it just the way you like it. 




Lots of the info shown here can, more or less, be found on numerous other sites as well. So why this site?

  • First of all it's dedicated to just one subject Mio (I-GO) navigation.
  • All info scattered on the net is gathered in one place.  Especially on forums info often gets scattered around and due to the huge amount of posts hard to find.
  • Also foreign languages can become a huge barrier. That's why i made an effort to gather as much info as possible and publish it on this site in English. 

Most of the info is written completely by myself and some i have taken, more or less, from other sites. I think there is no point in inventing the wheel all over again. If known, i have mentioned the author and given him/her full credit. If anybody feels that his copyright has been breached somehow, please send me a message and i will delete this part immediately. I have no intention to steal someone's work. I merely try to provide a broad service to all Mio owners in the world.

I have tried to supply the info as logically as possible by creating separate pages for most of the main topics.

Remarks and questions are always welcome. If you find any mistakes, broken links, have comments on the layout or even think that certain topics should be added, please feel free to contact me and i will look into it.   

(Pictures above are taken from a new I-GO 3-d design, named I-GO 8, shown at Cebit 2007. More pics are shown below.)


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       Mio Digiwalker Site Index: 


Disclaimer     (09-04-2007) 

Website History  (26-05-2007) 


News and Developments on the Mio front  (21-04-2007) 

Hardware Specs Mio PNA - PDA / Usable SD-cards   (08-04-2007)

 Picture overview Miomap v3    (08-01-2007)

 IGO My Way 2006 Plus (PNA)  + IGO Skins  (17-05-2007)

 General info on maps  (17-05-2007)  

 Miomap v3.xx & IGO maps  (17-05-2007)

 Changing skins and startup screens   (26-01-2007)

 Changing PNA_Schemes-Voices-Languages   (07-01-2007)

 Relevant links   (26-05-2007)

 Color charts and miscellaneous topics    (17-02-2007)

 Unlock your Mio PNA / PND - Tips & Tricks   (28-01-2007)

 Procedures-How To #1    (21-02-2007)

 Procedures-How To #2   (07-03-2007) 

 TMC   (07-01-2007)

Points Of Interest (POIs)  (26-02-2007)

Speedcams  (21-04-2007)

WinCE skins  (17-02-2007)

WinCE programs  (07-04-2007)   


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       New Messages: Updates website / answering questions momentarily low!! 


Dear readers,

As you all may have noticed the website hasn't been updated for some days. Also mails and other messages have not been answered.

Due to personal circumstances this will not get any better in the near future. I apologize for this, but my son, who had an accident, has priority now. As soon as the circumstances change i will let you know.




Mio Update back online


Mio update is back online and working again.

Miomap will be updated to v3.2 dated March 1st, 2007.  It looks like Mio has updated the TMC data, some language and voice data and other minor stuff.



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  May 26th, 2007


  May 17th, 2007



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       Random images

 Watch out for the newest, undetectable police weapon against speeding.......,

the mobile radar pidgeon!!


The future looks sunny, bright and 3D.....................?????  




 (Preview pictures of the new I-GO 8 from Nav N Go)

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