I am a research associate at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, University of Cambridge and a bye fellow at Newnham College. My research interests have centered around semantics, pragmatics and philosophy of language, and they naturally extend to cognitive science, philosophy of mind, syntax, natural language processing and psycholinguistics.
I am currently working on self-reference and de se attitudes in association with the research project 'Expressing the Self: Cultural Diversity and Cognitive Universals'.
My doctoral dissertation, entitled 'Vagueness in Language Use: Problems and Pseudo-problems', is a partly theoretical, partly empirical investigation into the manifestation of vagueness in language use. On the theoretical side, it addressed the cognitive origins of linguistic vagueness, the implication of linguistic vagueness for the semantics/pragmatics interface and the connection between vagueness and indexicality, with the development of a two-dimensional semantic framework for representing vague predicates. On the experimental side, it investigated the manifestation of tolerance and indeterminacy in categorisation with vague expressions.
Besides, I have worked on topics related to temporal vagueness and modality.
My work can be found under the Publications tab, and I welcome comments at mh538@cam.ac.uk or minyao.huang@gmail.com.