I have launched a new personal website. Please go to http://extrared.github.io/minxingl/ to check it out. Thanks!

Hello, I'm a fourth year undergraduate student in Computer Science Department in Peking University. I am working with professor Yao Guo and professor Kaigui Bian. In 2015 summer, I travelled to Carnegie Mellon University as an student intern and worked with professor Jason Hong. Currently, I work as an intern in Baidu Inc.

I'm pursuing a Master or PhD degree after graduation from Peking University. My research interests fall in applying data analytical methods to software engineering (software analytics) and usable privacy & security.

I have several research experiences and course projects. Please use sidebar to view them in detail.

For more information, please visit my CV.

  What's new?
  Dec 11, 2015
  -Our paper entitled "Identifying and Analyzing the Privacy of Apps for Kids" has been accepted by HotMobile 2016. I am the first author of the paper.

  Oct 8, 2015
  -I start to take an internship in the LBS Department in Baidu Inc.

  Sep 30, 2015
  -I received the National Scholarship, which rewards students who rank top 5% in the class.