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Sunday March 17, 2019
Winter Meeting

The February Winter meeting this Sunday will be at the Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital but will be in a different room than usual. We will be meeting in the conference room of the administration building. To get to the room, drive through the front gate and go left just past the guard shack. Park in the big parking lot. Go in the front door of the main building and the conference room is inside.

Room is available at 12:00, meeting will start at 1:00.

Hope you can come

Need more Information? Contact  Jim Linville, linvillejim@gmail.com (781) 534 0203

or John Lamport @ stumpy0143@gmail.com

Jim monitors his incoming calls, and if he doesn't recognize your name he probably wont pick up. Be sure to leave a short message so he can call you back.


The Enduro  11/4/18
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MmMYC Enduro (2018)

The Enduro, the final race of the MmMYC racing season, has been contested and the skippers have now retired to their respective workshops to build, rebuild, tinker and otherwise get ready for next season.

This race is unique because it is a sail-what-you-got for one continuous heat that is 4-hours long, with no holds or breaks, for any reason.  It tests the endurance of the skippers, the boats and the electronics to see who can get the most laps.  This means the boats must not only be able to sail for 4 hours, but they must avoid any penalties, encumbrances or thumb errors that will slow them down and reduce the number of laps they accumulate.  This includes the perineal favorites; hooking the rigging on other boats, snagging buoy lines, going into irons, avoiding out of control boats, missing marks, etc.  Skippers had to get themselves out of trouble while everyone else sailed on.  There were more than a couple of these “situations” during this Enduro; but the clock and the fleet wait for no skipper. 

The only prize for this 4-hours of effort is bragging rights for the next year.

This year 13 skippers showed up with a very eclectic assortment of boats because one can never be certain what the wind and weed conditions will favor.  On this day the winds were fairly light, but steady, and the weeds almost non-existent.  The result was that racing turned out to be fairly close with several groups of boats on the same lap, which doesn’t happen often.  Even the two top skippers were on the same lab and the winning boat had to be determined by which sail # was further along on the course. 

It’s fair to say that everyone had a good time.  Afterwards, all of the skippers went to Panera’s for a well deserved meal and an extended rehash of the days sailing.


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View from the deck of John Whalen's DF65, March 4, 2018


Needham Access Channel July 4th 2016

About Minuteman Model Yacht Club (MmMYC)

The Minuteman MYC is dedicated to the development of all aspects of model racing and sailing. Formal trophy regattas are held regularly from April to June. Our season traditionally begins at the Needham Reservoir on the first Sunday in April.  In mid-June our sailing site moves to Rosemary Lake in Needham. Sailing in Rosemary Lake continues until early November.  Indoor meetings are held monthly between January and March. We are affiliated with the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA).


Most of our sailing events start at 10 AM with an  "Open Sailing" period from 10 to 11:30 AM. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us using the “Contact Us” page, or drop by the pond and check us out during the "Open Sailing" period from 10 to 11:30 AM. We love to talk model boats, and loaner boats are available for beginners to try. We break for lunch between 11:30 and noon with "serious" racing between Noon and 2:30.

We generally sail five different AMYA sanctioned classes on different days: (1) the Soling One Meter (an entry level 1M LOA One-Design class), (2) the US One Meter (a 1M LOA  development class), (3) the Star 45 (a 45" LOA semi-scale model of the popular full size Star Class racing sloop), (4) the EC-12 (a 54" restricted design, semi-scale model of a full size 12 meter America's Cup yacht), and (5) the Wheeler (a 79" LOA restricted design model based on a full size "Around the World" racing yacht).

The club recommends that new members select the Soling One Meter Class yacht as their first boat. The Soling One Meter is a low-cost, entry-level, one-design boat. It is available in kit form, and a complete, ready-to-sail yacht can be built for less than $450, including radio. Used models are usually available.

Our schedule of events is listed in the "Racing Schedule" above. Generally speaking, "Series" regattas are limited to club members.

Dues for the year 2017 are $15 ($10 if you do not require a hard copy of our newsletter and can receive it via e-mail); checks should be made out to “Minuteman Model Yacht Club” and sent to our Treasurer, Pat Butterworth at 8 Hampshire Rd, Wellesley, MA, 02481

You might also want to check out the AMYA website on the Internet www.theamya.org.

Our Fleet of Boats.

Soling 1M
The Soling One Meter Class was introduced to the AMYA in 1993. Since that time it has become the largest class in the organization, with just over 3100 boats registered in early 2013. The Soling One Meter also qualifies in the open design US One Meter Class

Star 45
The Star 45 is a 45" long hard chine hull; semi-scale model of the full-size Olympic Star. Weighing in from 12 to 13 pounds, carrying about 1000 square inches of sail area, with a ballast to weight ratio approaching 70%, Star 45's are very fast and super responsive. Few model yachts, if any, can equal their speed and agility.

The U.S. One Meter Class is a developmental class. The basic design restrictions include, overall hull length, keel depth and sail area. The unrestrictive nature of the specifications, encourages one of a kind Home Built yachts. The hull can be self designed or built from plans, and easily planked from wood.

The EC12 is a one-design radio controlled yacht about 59 inches in length, a mast standing 72 inches above the deck, supporting about 1300 square inches of sail and weighing around 24 pounds. The class is one the premier R/C Yachts in the American Model Yachting Association.

The Wheeler is a large, high performance boat that is a 1/12th scale, one-design class. The design comes from a test model of a 70’s era Maxi Ocean Racer, code named Orca designed to compete in the Transpac. Tom Wheeler an aerospace engineer with 12-meter experience, drew the hull with an assist from George Ribeiro for the appendages, sail plan and model building. The intent was to compete successfully against Blackfin and Windward Passage, the Maxis to beat in that era.