Yet another project crammed into a mint tin.  (Or, an exercize in bandwagon jumping)

It seems that everyone and their mother is cramming various projects into mint tins these days. I just couldn't resist jumping onto that bandwagon. The only question was what project to build?

I ordered a MiniPOV3 kit from the Makezine Store, a while back. After building it and playing with it, and letting my kids play with it, and repairing it a couple times after the kids played with it, I decided it needed a case to live in. Realization struck. The first thing I did was check Google to find out if it had been done before. As far as I could tell, it hadn't, so I started gathering parts.

Rather than mess up my original kit, I decided to scratch build the circuit on perfboard. I used LEDs that I had harvested from a string of LED christmas lights, resistors and other bits from various sources, and the requisite mint (Wintergreen flavor) tin.

Here you can see some of the components and various stages of assembly.

Here is the beginning of cutting the slot for the LEDs. I drilled a hole at either end, then used a moto-tool with an abrasive cutoff wheel to cut out the middle.

I wonder if my neighbors thought I was doing some at-home dentistry as I was doing the cutting on the balcony of my apartment.

Here it is fully assembled. I used hot glue to attach some plastic standoffs to the back of the board, and to hold the board and battery holder in place. There is no on/off switch. I just jam a piece of cardboard between one battery terminal and its contact. I left off the programming circuitry. If I want to reprogram it I have to pull the chip and put it back into the original MiniPOV board.

Here is a short YouTube video of it running my Cylon program with PWM for the fading LED.

I posted the source code here, in the LadyAda forums.

Thanks go out to Lady Ada for creating the MiniPOV
and the folks at Make: for bringing it to my attention.