I am a research fellow at the MacroFinance and MacroHistory Lab based at the University of Bonn and affiliated with the ECONtribute Excellence Cluster.

I am also affiliated with the Erasmus School of Economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

My research interests include economic history, corporate finance, financial intermediaries, inequality and social capital.

Contact information

MacroFinance and MacroHistory Lab

University of Bonn

Niebuhrstrasse 5

53113 Bonn



E-mail mdwarkas@uni-bonn.de

OR dwarkasing@ese.eur.nl

Curriculum Vitae



"Household Inequality, Entrepreneurial Dynamism, and Corporate Financing", joint with Fabio Braggion and Steven Ongena, The Review of Financial Studies, 2021.

"Household wealth inequality, entrepreneurs' financial constraints, and the great recession: Evidence from the Kauffman Firm Survey", joint with Fabio Braggion and Steven Ongena, Small Business Economics, 2018.

Book Chapters

"The bank lending channel of monetary policy: A review of the literature and an agenda for future research", joint with Narly Dwarkasing and Steven Ongena, The Palgrave Handbook of European Banking, Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2016.